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EMS FireCell Wireless Multisensor Detector

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The EMS FireCell Wireless Multisensor Detector offers reliable fire detection with features like dual band operation, tamper protection, and FasTest maintenance, ensuring seamless integration into the EMS FireCell system.


  • Dual band 868MHz operation for robust wireless connectivity.
  • Fire indication LED, providing clear visual alerts.
  • Anti-tamper locking mechanism and FasTest maintenance feature for enhanced security and easy maintenance.


Is the EMS FireCell Wireless Multisensor Detector easy to install?

Yes, it is quick and easy to install, providing a hassle-free experience.

What certifications does the product have?

The device is third-party EN certified, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Can it be integrated with other EMS FireCell components?

Absolutely, it is compatible with the EMS Fusion Radio Loop Module (RLM) and EMS Wireless Zone Monitor (WZM) for comprehensive fire detection solutions.


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