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FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detector


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FAAST FLEX is a best-in-class ASD solution for enhanced and standard sensitivity applications which combines effective and reliable smoke detection with ease of design, installation, commissioning & maintenance, and improved user experience. FAAST FLEX offers a highly flexible and cost-effective ASD solution for a wide range of applications such as small to medium warehouses, cold storage, elevator shafts, ceiling and underfloor voids, transformer and electrical rooms, rest rooms and other similar spaces.

FAAST FLEX offers a highly flexible and cost-effective ASD solution for a wide range of applications such as small to medium warehouses, cold storage, elevator shafts, ceiling and underfloor voids, transformer and electrical rooms, rest rooms and the like. FAAST FLEX provides consistent detection with minimum nuisance alarms to reduce operational costs enabled by improved detection chamber design.

FAAST FLEX allows a high degree of flexibility through pre-engineered pipe network designs, and true out-of-the-box operation with a built-in user-friendly configuration and control mechanism. It can be configured and commissioned using a 10-line dip-switch arrangement without the need for a special tool.

Through its Bluetooth interface and associated smartphone applications, FAAST FLEX offers extended configuration options and rapid diagnostics.

FAAST FLEX is easy to install with reduced effort and time; 1-man installation with an installation template, different orientations, direct wall-mounting and ample room for wiring. Through its modular design and field replaceable components, FAAST FLEX allows convenient in-field service and maintenance, thus minimizing downtime and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

How It Works

Air is drawn into the FAAST FLEX through a network of air sampling pipes by speed adjustable aspirator. Each pipe inlet has an airflow sensor that monitors airflow changes in the pipe. Inside the FAAST FLEX, a sample of air is filtered and passed into the detection chamber and analysed for the presence of very small amounts of smoke. Air is exhausted from the FAAST FLEX and may be vented back into the protected zone.


  • Reliable smoke detection for consistent performance and minimum nuisance alarms.
  • Single & Dual channel variants with area coverage up to 1,600m2 (17,200 sq.ft) for single channel and 2,000m2 (21,527 sq.ft) for dual channel.
  • Double knock capability (Dual Channel) for coincident detection.
  • Pipe length up to 270m (886 ft) for single channel and 420m (1378 ft) for dual channel allowing extended coverage and convenient detector mounting.
  • Class A, B, C performance allowing:
    • 1 channel: 5, 15, 32 holes respectively.
    • 2 channels: 8, 28, 56 holes respectively.
  • An ultrasonic flow sensing element per chamber for accurate and reliable flow detection.
  • A metallic mesh filter per chamber for optics protection and improved detector longevity.
  • Action, Alarm and Fault relays per channel for connection to FACP and BMS systems.
  • Simplified and intuitive LEDs user interface for immediate status indication.
  • Pre-engineered pipe networks for hassle-free and expedient design and installation.
  • Two configuration modes:
    • Out-of-box with built in user-friendly configuration and control mechanism for speedy commissioning.
    • Extended for enhanced user experience.
  • Modular design with in-field replaceable chamber, filter and aspirator for ease of service and maintenance.
  • Installation template, different mounting orientations (upright, inverted) and ample wiring room to save time and effort.
  • Quiet operation (30db) with adjustable fan speed to suit various environments.
  • Suitable for cold storage environments with -40 °C (-40°F) operating temperature.
  • Bluetooth interface with mobile device App for extended configuration options and rapid diagnostics.
  • General Purpose Input (GPI) for remote Reset, Disable, External Fault.
  • Password protected access for secured detector operation, diagnostics and maintenance.
  • IP40 rating for protection against ingress of foreign bodies.
  • Onboard event log up to 2,100 events for user actions and smoke trends.


Video Transcript

Small and medium businesses cannot afford disruption. For them, preventing fires is vital, but detecting a fire threat early enough to prevent disruption can be challenging. Xtralis FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detection. FAAST FLEX helps you detect fire threats faster while reducing your total cost of ownership in comparison to traditional smoke detection technologies. It combines effective and reliable smoke detection with quick and easy design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance all while enhancing the user experience. But how? FAAST FLEX actively monitors the air via an extensive network of pipes with sampling holes covering up to 2,000 square meters, 21,000 square feet. A speed-adjustable aspirator draws air, while an airflow sensor monitors changes in the pipes. The air sample is filtered and then passed into the detection chamber for analysis.

This way, you can detect the early signs of a potential fire threat and take action to prevent disruption and damage to your business. With FAAST FLEX, you get best-in-class performance with minimum nuisance alarms. This is thanks to the extensive detector coverage combined with reliable smoke detection and flow monitoring using advanced ultrasonic flow sensing technology. FAAST FLEX is also easy to design and install. It comes with pre-engineered pipe networks, screwless assembly, and ample wiring space. Its patented packaging design featuring an intuitive template enables you to install the device in less than two minutes. FAAST FLEX also gives you flexible mounting options, thanks to a patented reversible flexible cover.

Commissioning is made faster by out-of-box operation. Two configuration options are available depending on your needs. A built-in user-friendly dip switch-based configuration and an extended configuration and test mode, thanks to a Bluetooth interface with a mobile app. FAAST FLEX is very easy to maintain, helping you reduce downtime and associated costs. The extensive pipe network means you can install the device in a convenient location that makes maintenance easier than ever before. Not only that, the modular design and field-replaceable components enable easier in-field service operations. Ease of use is another key feature of FAAST FLEX. The Bluetooth interface with the mobile app allows you to control the device remotely. You can easily view its status in real-time and carry out rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting.

FAAST FLEX has an operating temperature of -40 degrees Celcius, meaning you can deploy it safely in refrigerated storage facilities. It is also ideal for low-noise environments, thanks to its quiet operation. All these features make FAAST FLEX the optimum ASD solution for a variety of applications across small to medium businesses, including warehouses, refrigerated storage facilities, elevator shafts, ceiling and underfloor voids, and transformer and electrical room.


Does FAAST FLEX have filters? If so, how many and can they be cleaned?

Each pipe inlet of the detector has 1 mesh type field replaceable filter. The FAAST FLEX filter mesh can be washed and cleaned.

Can FAAST FLEX be mounted without a mounting bracket?

Yes, FAAST FLEX can be mounted directly on a surface via key holes on the back of the enclosure.

What are the different mounting options for FAAST FLEX?

There are 2 mounting options (upright & inverted).

Would FAAST FLEX be able to give an indication if there is a blockage in a single hole on a pipe?

Can detect 20% flow change in the pipe (ultrasonic flow sensing technology).

Is the FAAST FLEX Aspirator adjustable?

Yes, to suit various environments.

What approvals does the FAAST FLEX have?

VdS and EN 54-20. It is not UL certified.

Is the FAAST FLEX compatible with VESDA Pipe Clips?

Yes, FAAST FLEX can work with the VESDA Pipe Clips.

I have an old ICAM IAS/ILS or FAAST LT unit on the wall; what do I need to do to replace it?

The existing pipe network design shall be verified using pre–engineered network tables or PipeIQ with an appropriate FAAST FLEX model.

How are the optics protected in FAAST FLEX?

Metallic mesh filters at the inlet and exhaust to protect detector optics and improve detector longevity.

What are the configuration modes of FAAST FLEX?

Two configuration modes:

  • Out-of-box with built in user-friendly DIP switch configuration for speedy commissioning
  • Extended configuration via Bluetooth phone App for enhanced user experience.

What are the field replaceable components of FAAST FLEX?

  • Sensing Module (FLX-SP-01)
  • Metal Filter (FLX-SP-02)
  • Aspirator (FLX-SP-04)
  • Front Cover (FLX-SP-03-EN)
  • Internal Covers (FLX-SP-05-EN)
  • FAAST FLEX Adaptor Set (FLX-SP-06)

Is FAAST FLEX suitable for cold storage environments?

Yes, FAAST FLEX is suitable for cold storage environments with -40 °C (-40°F) operating temperature. The detector has been tested and approved by VdS to operate at such low temperature inside freezer applications. For properly operated and maintained cold storage environments, the detector IP40 rating provides sufficient protection against ingress of crystallized water vapour.

Does the two-pipe version have two aspirators or only one?

One fan.



Electrical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage : 24Vdc (18 – 30Vdc)
  • Maximum Power Consumption :
    • Single Channel Model : 400mA @24Vdc
    • Dual Channel Model : 450mA @24Vdc
  • Relays : 3 per channel, Action, Alarm and Fault 2A @30V
  • Detector Sensitivity Range : 0.05%obs/m to 6.56%obs/m (0.164%obs/ft – 21.5%obs/ft)

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature : -40 °C to 55 °C
  • Sampled Air Temperature : -40 °C to 55 °C
  • Humidity : 10-93% RH
  • Ingress Protection Rating : IP40

General Specifications

  • Flow Sensor Number : 1 per channel
  • Level of Alarm : Action and Alarm per channel
  • Fan Setting : Adjustable
  • Area Coverage :
    • Single Channel Model : 1,600m2 (17,200 sq.ft)
    • Dual Channel Model : 2,000m2 (21,527 sq.ft)
  • Pipe Network Layout :
    • Single Channel Model :
      • Linear pipe length : 1 x 105m (344 ft)
      • Branch pipe length :
        • 2 x 105m (344 ft)
        • 4 x 68m (223 ft)
    • Dual Channel Model :
      • Linear Pipe Length : 2 x 105m (344 ft)
      • Branch Pipe Length :
        • 4 x 105m (344 ft)
        • 8 x 49m (161 ft)
  • Sampling Holes
    • Single Channel Model : 
      • A : 5
      • B : 15
      • C : 32
    • Dual Channel Model :
      • A : 8
      • B : 28
      • C : 56
  • General Purpose Input (GPI) : Reset, Disable, External Fault
  • Out-of-Box Configuration : DIP Switches
  • Field Replaceable Components : Sensing Module, Metal Filter, Front Cover, Aspirator, Internal Covers and Adaptor Set
  • Data Logging : Device Info, Device Configuration, Device Status Logged Events and Data
  • Communication : USB & Bluetooth
  • Warranty : 3 years

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (WidthxHeightxDepth) : 280x205x80.5mm
  • Weight : 1.7Kg
  • Display Panel : LED


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg

1, 2



Class A Holes


Class B Holes


Class C Holes


Pipework Diameter

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