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FAAST LT-200 Standalone Aspirating Smoke Detector

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The FAAST LT-200 Aspirating Smoke Detector is designed with the installer and end user in mind. It serves the wide variety of Class C applications where maintenance is difficult, where traditional smoke detection methods are inappropriate or prone to fail due to harsh environments or areas where aesthetics matter. It is also suitable for smaller mission critical applications where very early warning – Class A or B detection is required.

FAAST LT-200 combines proven aspirating detection technologies to deliver reliable smoke detection and efficient installation and maintenance. The device comprises innovative and intelligent internal design features designed to protect vulnerable components. These include a high sensitivity LED detection chamber (featuring a high power output IR LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier), along with ultrasonic flow sensors.

The device is fast to install and easy to commission thanks to Pipe-IQ pipe design and configuration software, which is included with the product as standard.

FAAST LT-200 stand alone devices are available as single channel and dual channel devices, offering flexibility for different detection strategies. A range of customisable settings are geared towards maximising device performance and meeting different application needs.
The device also includes pre-alarm functionality for graduated alarm thresholds.

The FAAST LT-200 provides alarm and fault relays with auxiliary events relay as an option. These can be set as latched or non-latched. To accommodate local installation standards or environments, flow and general fault delays can also be set.


  • High sensitivity LED Detection Chamber specially designed to cover Class C. Includes a high power output IR LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier.
  • Single & Dual channel versions with independent channels including fan, sensor and flow monitoring.
  • Provides pre-alarm functionality for graduated alarm thresholds.
  • Ultrasonic airflow sensing with expanded monitoring range.
  • A single device covers up to 2,000m2 according to national design regulations.
  • Pipe-IQTM software provides intuitive system layout and configuration all in one package.
  • Whisper-quiet 26db(A) fan; ideal for discrete detection monitorng.
  • Multiple event logging up to 2244 events.
  • User friendly air flow pendulum graph for verification of pipe network functionality.
  • Easily replaceable and reusable filter without affecting the rest of the device.
  • Protected electronics from air flow and accidental damage during installation or maintenance.
  • Designed for efficient wiring and installation: cable gland holes, easy access to the wiring area and no special tools required.
  • Easy access to parts requiring routine maintenance: filter(s) and sensor(s).
  • IP65 enclosure.


  • Height : 403mm (inc. inlets and outlets)
  • Width : 356mm
  • Depth : 135mm
  • Cable Access : 3 x M20 gland holes pre-drilled on top and bottom of the FAAST LT-200 unit
  • Wire Guage : Min. 0.5mm2 – max. 2.0mm2
  • Maximum Single Pipe Length : 100m
  • Maximum Total Branched Pipe Length : 160m (per channel)
  • Maximum Air Inlet Holes : 18 (per channel)
  • Outside Pipe Diameter : 25mm or 27mm
  • Internal Pipe Diameter : 15-21mm
  • Sensitivity Range : 0.07 – 0.66% obs/m (Alarm level 1-5)
  • Relays : 3 (1 x Alarm, 1 x Faulty & 1 x Pre-Alarm) per channel
  • Sounder Outputs : 1 per channel
  • Sound Performance : As low as 26db(A)
  • Event Log : 2,244 events
  • Interfaces : Terminal blocks: power supply, relays, sounder outputs, external input; Loop Connection, USB port; Buttons (Test, Reset, Disable)
  • Power Supply & Relays Connections : Max. 2mm2
  • USB : Standard USB cable for Type B USB connection
  • Weight (Including Packaging) : 6.5kg (dual channel)
  • Flow Monitoring & Reporting : High and low according to EN54-20
  • Filtration : Replacement filter
  • Smoke Sensors : High sensitivity LED Detection Chamber
  • External Supply Voltage : 18.5-31.5V
  • Remote Reset Time : 2s
  • Power Reset : 0.5s
  • Operating Current :
    • 1 Channel : 170mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)
    • 2 Channels : 270mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)
  • Maximum Alarm Current
    • 1 Channel : 360mA @24 VDC (excluding sounders)
    • 2 Channels : 570mA @24 VDC (excluding sounders)
  • Relay Contact Ratings : 2.0 A @ 30 VDC, 0.5A @ 30 VAC)
  • Humidity Range : 10% to 93% (non condensing)
  • IP Rating : 65
  • Coverage Area : Up to 2,000m3 according to national design regulations


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