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GST I-9105R Reflective Infrared Beam Smoke Detector

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The I-9105R is a reflective infrared beam smoke detector that may be used in either addressable or conventional operating modes. Being microprocessor based, the detector offers extensive algorithms for analysis and decision making. Taking ambient operating conditions into consideration, system adjustments such as drift compensation and alarm and fault analysis are automatic. The sensitivity of the detector is adjustable to suit various application conditions.


The number of reflector in a system is varied depending on the required operating distance (range) of the detector. Optical reflectors from 1 to 4 provide an effective range of the detector between 8 and 100 m. These are supplied with the beam. The address (when used in a GST addressable application) as well as the operating modes and sensitivity of the I-9105R is programmed with the standard GST hand held programmer (P-9910B).

Operating Modes

Addressable Mode

When connected with an addressable GST fire alarm control panel (CIE), the I-9105R automatically switches to addressable mode and reports its information through the addressable loop. In addressable mode its address may be configured between 1 and 242 as is common to with all GST addressable devices.

Conventional Mode

When the I-9105R is not connected with an addressable GST CIE, the detector automatically switches to conventional mode. In conventional mode fire and fault information is reported via potential free contacts.


The I-9105R is particularly suitable for use in historical buildings, warehouses, large storage areas, shopping malls, leisure centres, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, clothing factories, museums and prisons.


  • Wide operating voltage range.
  • Large protection areas.
  • Combination of transmitter & receiver in one housing allows easy optical alignment.
  • Intelligent microprocessor based decision making on fire and fault statuses.
  • Easy one person installation & operation due to simple calibration and setup processes.
  • Self-diagnostics for monitoring & reporting internal failures.
  • Automatic drift compensation compensates for changing environmental conditions, dust and dirt accumulation, building movement and changing internal component specifications due to ageing.
  • Electronic addressing and setup.
  • Two sensitivity levels.
  • Optical path designed with strong anti-interference abilities.
  • SMT electronic design ensures consistent high quality manufacturing.
  • Small, aesthetic design.


  • Status Indication : LEDs
  • Compatibility : GST addressable systems,​ all conventional systems
  • User Interface : Via LED – polling,​ fault,​ contamination and alarm
  • Connectivity : Loop or contacts
  • Operating Voltage : 15 to 28 V (24 VDC Nominal)
  • Current Consumption :
    • Commissioning : ≤20 mA
    • Standby : ≤8 mA
    • Alarm : ≤12 mA
  • Detection Principle : Optical light scatter
  • Sensitivity : 1.61 or 2.31 dB
  • Coverage Area : 1400 m²
  • Zone Length : <100 m
  • Range : 8 to 100m
  • Lateral Detection : 7m
  • Adjustment Angle : -6° to +6°
  • Misalignment Tolerance : ±0.5°
  • Output Quantity : 2
  • Output Type & Rating : Alarm,​ Fault
  • Physical Dimensions : 95 x 206 x 95mm (W x H x D)
  • Shipping Weight : 450g
  • Colour : Grey
  • Mounting Type : Wall mount
  • Cable Entries : 2
  • Material (body) : ABS
  • Terminals : 8
  • Vandal Proof : No
  • Operating Temperature : -10 to +50°C
  • Relative Humidity : ≤95%,​ non condensing
  • Environment : Indoor
  • IP Rating :
    • IP20
    • IP66 with glue seal
  • Compliancy : CE,​ REACH,​ RoHS 2,​ WEEE
  • Certification : CPR
  • Standards : EN54-12


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