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Hochiki ACD-EN ESP Multi Sensor With CO Detection (Ivory or White)



An addressable loop-powered multi-sensor, with smoke, heat and CO sensing elements. The unit offers 24 different modes of operation*1 and seamlessly matches the other sensors in the ESP Range. The CO sensing element can be used to detect smoke as well as life-threatening CO levels (acting as a CO alarm).

Key Features

  • Low profile
  • Heat , Optical and CO sensing elements
  • CO Alarm (COHb) facility
  • 10 year CO sensor life
  • Programmable fire threshold level
  • RI & LED controllable separately if required
  • 2 colour LED (Polling: Green, Fire: RED)
  • Multiple modes


Video Transcript

Introducing the ACD Multi-Sensor with CO, the most sophisticated multi-sensor Hochiki has brought to market to date. This revolutionary product offers a staggering 24 EN 54 approved modes of operation, including combinations of smoke detection, fixed temperature heat detection, rate of rise heat detection, CO detection, and COHb toxicity recognition, making it ideal for a broad variety of applications.

Traditionally, CO detection is integrated into a multi-sensor to assist with the rapid detection of smoldering fires through the release of CO gas. However, the ACD can also recognize the threat of carboxyhemoglobin toxic poisoning, commonly referred to as carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be suffered as the result of either a sudden high exposure to CO or a prolonged exposure overtime. The ACD therefore monitors for both criteria and will report an alarm condition if either scenario is met. The ACD is also enhanced for false alarm reduction. In the modes featuring the reduced false alarm function plus RFA, the sensor will automatically adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensing element over time, learning from its surrounding environment from the moment of installation. It does this through a highly sophisticated algorithm which continually monitors the analog value reading from a series of multiple samples of the environment and calculating an average value. This moving average value is memorized by the sensor over time to determine the environment’s baseline reading. We call this groundbreaking algorithm Suitable Moving AveRage Time, SMART. If no transient activity is detected within a set time period, the number of samples used to calculate the moving average is reduced, in effect adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor to its environment. If the environment remains clear for another set period, the number of samples used is reduced again. However, any transient activity will result in the sensor automatically switching to the maximum number of samples to quickly determine whether the transient is the start of a real fire or a false alarm, such as steam, burning food, or cigarette smoke. In this way, the sensor remains as sensitive as it needs to be based on its environment.

The ACD multi-sensor with CO is the culmination of 100 years of innovation designed to provide the very best in life safety protection and fully supported by leading fire control panels, including Latitude and Taktis. Furthermore, the ACD operates on Hochiki’s world renowned robust and reliable ESP open protocol, giving specifiers, installers, and end users an open choice on system design, installation and maintenance and therefore complete control over costs. The quality and performance of the sensor has been approved in accordance to EN 54 part 5, part 7, part 26, part 29, part 30, and part 31, giving you total peace of mind. For further information, please visit the web address on screen.


Which fire alarm panels support the Hochiki ACD multi-sensor?

The following fire alarm control panels can support the latest Hochiki intelligent sensor, the ACD. Please contact each panel manufacturer on this list to ascertain the extent of the ACD support that has been implemented. This list will be updated periodically.

  • Advanced Electronics – MxPro 5
  • Hochiki – L@titude (EN)
  • Hochiki – FIREscape+
  • Kentec Electronics – Taktis
  • FIREscape Prodex – Hedengren
  • Solution F1 and Solution F2 – NSC
  • Alpha 1100 and Alpha 2100 – Quadel


  • Ordering Code :
    • ACD-EN – Ivory
    • ACD-EN(WHT) – White
  • Operating Voltage : 17 – 41 V d.c.
  • Loop Pulse Voltage : 7 – 9 V
  • Current Consumption (Loop)
    • Quiescent : 410 μA(typ)
    • Loop Current (When Polled) : 22 mA±20%
    • Remote Indicator : 8.0 mA±20%
    • LED Current : 9.1 mA
    • Surge Current : 40 mA (for 50 ms)
  • Compatible Bases:
    • YBN-R/3
    • YBO-R/SCI
    • YBN-R/3(SCI)
    • YBO-BS
    • YBO-BSB
    • YBO-BSB2
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10°C – +50°C
  • Installation Temperature Range : -20°C – +50°C
  • Storage Temperature Range : -20°C – +50°C
  • Relative Humidity : <95% Rh at 40°C l <80% Rh at 50°C
  • Dimensions : 100mm diameter x 45mm (Without Base)
  • Case Material : Polycarbonate (Outer Cover) / PC/PS-GF (Terminal plate)
  • Colour :
    • Ivory : ACD-EN
    • White : ACD-EN(WHT)
  • Weight (without Base) : 105g


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Weight 0.11 kg

White, Ivory

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