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PENN Peripheral Expanson Network Node For Advanced MxPro 5


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The Peripheral Expansion Network Node (PENN) provides the functionality of the MxPro 5 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels for use in bespoke graphical mimic, connecting remote inputs and outputs directly to the network, and other special build applications.

The PENN allows a comprehensive range of peripherals to be connected to the network without having to install additional panels.

Compatible expansion cards include Input (MXP-537), Relay (MXP-035), Mimic driver (MXP-539), 16-way Switch (MXP-538), Fan/Damper Control (MXP-543), Zone Monitor (MXP-536), Sounder (MXP-034) and ESPA Pager Interface (MXP-547). Accessories such as a Display Card (MXS-504), Printer (MXP-512), and LED Indicators (MXP-513-xxx) can also be added.

The PENN is pre-built to include either a Standard network or a Fault Tolerant (FT) network interface.

The unit is designed for easy wiring installation. “Plug-in” terminal blocks are provided for all connections to the unit. RS232, as well as USB (Type B), are built-in.

The PENN is designed to be installed directly to mounting chassis plates, such as MXM-515-6U, MXM-515-8U, etc. using six fixing screw positions. The chassis assembly can be mounted into MX-5000 and MX-5000R enclosures.

Key Features

  • Lets you install peripherals in remote locations without an additional panel.
  • Dual Feed 24V DC Power Supply Inputs.
  • Network in-built – either Standard or Fault Tolerant.
  • Up to 32 Nodes in Standard configuration and Up to 200 Nodes in FT configuration.
  • Supports up to 32 PBUS modules (16 of any one type).
  • Option to connect standard MX-5000 Display and/or MXP-512 internal printer and/or MXP-513 LED cards.
  • Switch Input – General purpose or External PSE fault monitor.
  • RS232 Interface – PC Configuration, External Printer or MXP-547 ESPA.
  • USB Interface – PC Configuration.


  • Power Supply : 15-30V DC (24V DC Nominal) – Dual Feed monitored inputs
  • Supply Current Standard : 65 mA, Fault Tolerant: 90 mA (typical at 24V DC )
  • Operating Temperature Range : -5°C – 49°C
  • Humidity (non condensing) : 95% RH
  • Dimensions : H x W x D 153 x 127 x 25 mm
  • Wire Gauge : 0.5 mm2- 2.5 mm2 (12-24 AWG)
  • Switch Input : Non-monitored / Monitored (3K3 EOL, 680R active)
  • Network : Advanced Standard or Fault Tolerant (FT) RS485
  • PBUS : Advanced Peripheral Bus RS485
  • Serial Interfaces : USB and RS232 (Isolated)


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