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Prism Heater For Fireray Reflective Prisms in White or Black


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The Fireray prism heater is designed to be used in environmental conditions where condensation affects the reflector of the optical beam smoke detectors. The heater will reduce the likelihood of condensation by maintaining the reflector at a higher temperature than the surrounding air. The heater pad is an efficient, ultra slim heating pad which is fixed behind the mounting plate.

Condensation occurs when the surrounding air is at a higher temperature than the surface that it comes in contact with. As air
contains water, typically in the form of vapour, this will deposit on the cooler surface thus forming condensation.

The Fireray® prism heater increases the temperature of the prism through the mounting plate thus maintaining the reflector at a higher temperature than the surrounding air. This reduces the likelihood of condensation forming on the reflective prisms which, in turn, reduces the potential for false alarms.


  • Ultra slim heating pad.
  • Designed to prevent the build-up of condensation.
  • For use in temperature controlled storage areas and cold environments.
  • Optical beam smoke detector heaters also available.
  • Prisms ordered separately.


  • Operating Voltage : 24 V AC/DC
  • Power Consumption at 24V : 20 W
  • Operating Current At 24V : 0.8 A (Typical)
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +35°C
  • Recommended Fuse Rating : 2A
  • Connections : 2 x 500 mm PTFE flying leads
  • Time Taken To Reach Peak Temperature : 30 min
  • Average Temperature Increase Of Prism Above Ambient : 10°C
  • Weight (Without Prisms) : 600g


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