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Advanced Go & Go+ Single Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel



The new Go series is an evolution for non-networked single-loop fire alarm systems. Its innovative design includes several improvements and upgrades to critical safety features, while retaining all the benefits and user-friendly operation of an Advanced fire alarm control panel.

A new ergonomic layout of control panel is combined with our high resolution, high contrast, graphical LCD display. The tactile keypad allows simple select-and-click programming for faster engineer configuration and simple end-user operation.

Two performance options are available with a different maximum number of configurable addresses, allowing greater flexibility for site-specific installations: Go and Go+.

Maximum addresses Apollo (Discovery, XP95) Hochiki (ESP) Argus (VEGA)
Go 50 50 50
Go+ 126 127 240

Functional improvements include integral zonal LEDs which enable instant identification of alarm locations, and ensure compliance with BS5839 without the cost of a separate LED zone card.

The new PCB integrates both control panel and peripherals on the same board and incorporates the latest high-speed micro- processor technology, for 9 times faster operation than MxPro 4.

Powerful cause-and-effect programming and enhanced trace diagnostics make the panel suitable for a wide range of site applications, from small to medium systems.

All Go series panels are fully programmable on site via the control panel display or with our updated, easy-to-use PC Configuration Tool.

Digital-ready FACP

The future-proof Go series is digital-ready for connection with our intuitive AdvancedLive Cloud app.

AdvancedLive provides remote visualisation and management of a fire system via instant communication with enabled devices, and reduction of false alarm evacuation occurrence and fire safety risks.

Key Features

  • Multiprotocol support, Apollo (Discovery, XP95), Hochiki (ESP) & Argus (VEGA).
  • Graphical LCD user interface, LED indicators & push buttons.
  • Installer-friendly Auto-learn, Loop detection and On-board scope facility.
  • 500 fire + 5000 general event logging, with advanced diagnostic precision to aid installation & fault-finding.
  • Integral 15 Zone LEDs ensures compliance with BS5839, with 35 additional software indication zones.
  • Uses a new Configuration Tool with Office365 appearance with better graphics and easier functions for programming.
  • Two on-board Sounder outputs, three on-board Relay outputs.
  • Optional 3 monitored input/outputs for Fire/Fault routing (with P-Bus adaptor & routing card) for full EN54 compliance when connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Dedicated USB Type B port for direct PC connection.
  • Ethernet port for Cloud connection via AdvancedLive, to provide remote notification and panel management.
  • Innovative ‘no hinge’ removable door and hangable chassis for easier installation.
  • Employing an identical monitoring feature as the Mx-5000 series, the Go series meets the requirements of EN54-13 (2005) Clauses and (partial open & short circuits) for optimal fire system performance and complete peace of mind.



Protecting smaller, single-panel sites from fire is now safer and simpler than ever. Thanks to Go, the new single-linked fire control panel from Advanced. Go brings you easy, cost-effective access to a host of popular premium features from our MxPro 5 range in a straightforward, non-networkable format. Powerful and versatile, yet a breeze to install configuring use, Go is the ideal solution for sites where networking’s not needed, but quality, performance, and ease of use are. Let’s take a closer look at some of Go’s great features.</em

Time is money, so we’ve designed Go to be quick to install and program, with lightning upload and download speeds. And an easy-fit chassis, unique door hinge, and convenient fascia hanging points since your fitting is fast and fast-free, while familiar menus and controls cast the learning curve. We understand that small sites aren’t always simple, so we’ve packed Go with flexible features to give you the best of all worlds, from versatile, cause and effect programming and powerful false alarm reduction, to dynamic diagnostics. for fewer faults, faster fixes, and better performance. Go is built to adapt to your needs. And because some budgets just won’t budge, we’ve included a range of money-saving solutions you’ll find popular and aren’t included as standard, like 15 XODO LEDs for clearer indication and compliance. Compatibility with three leading detector protocols gives you complete control over installation and maintenance costs, as well as freedom from expensive contracts and tie-ins. You can even choose between two different panel configurations, so you only need to buy the address capacity that suits your site. And thanks to its state-of-the-art technology including future cloud connectivity, Go will keep on going, providing you with powerful protection and peace of mind for years to come.


Is the Go menu structure the same as the MxPro 5?

Yes, it is, and the same shortcuts have been adopted to quickly move around the menus. Go is all about making it simple for both the installer and the end user.

Is there a remote repeater terminal display available?

No, as Go has been designed for premises which don’t require networking.

Can the Go panel be flushed into the wall?

As cost reduction has been one of the major design criteria, Go has not been designed to be flush mounted because of the additional costs involved.

Can Go be upgraded on site to a Go+?

Go and Go+ are offered at different price points, and therefore it is not possible to upgrade a Go to a Go+.


  • Protocols : Apollo (XP95, Discovery), Hochiki (ESP), Argus (VEGA)
  • Number of Loops : 1
  • Loop Current : 500mA max
  • Number of Fire Zones : 50 max
  • Sounder Outputs : 2 x 1A Programmable (1A total)
  • Relay Outputs (Programmable) : 3 x 1A 30VAC/DC (max) to 10mA 5V (min)
  • Auxiliary Output : 24V DC, 100mA (With GOP-001 Fitted)
  • Display : LCD White backlit 240 x 64 Graphical LCD
  • Programmable Inputs : 1 x Key Switch, 1 x monitored
  • USB : USB type B interface for PC connection
  • Network : None
  • Ethernet : 10-Base-T, 100-Base-T
  • Event Log : 5000 Events with Diagnostics + 500 Fire Events
  • Enclosure : Steel IP30 RAL7035
  • Dimensions H x W x D : 345 x 345 x 87mm
  • Weight (excluding batteries) : 4Kg
  • Temperature Range : -5°C to 40°C
  • Humidity (RH) : 95% max
  • Cable Entries : 14 x 20mm knockouts at top
  • AC Supply : 220-240V, 50 – 60 Hz, 1.0A max
  • Safety : EN62368-1, Class 1, Pollution Degree 2, Overvoltage Category II
  • Battery Capacity : 24V 4Ah Internal (min), 24V 7Ah Internal (max)
  • Charging Current : 0.35A Temp Compensated
  • Deep Discharge Cut-off : 19.5V
  • Power Supply : On-board 24V DC, 1.5A High Efficiency Off-Line Switched Mode
  • Output Voltage : 18.0V – 28.0V
  • Ripple (Vpkpk) : Up to 1.0V
  • Max Battery Ohms : 1.8Ω ± 0.1 Ω
  • Imax(a), Imax(b) : 1.15A, 1.5A


Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Apollo or Hochiki

Max Loops

Device Capacity

50, 126 or 127



System Type


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