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Sita ASD Addressable Multipoint Detector With Optional Sounder And Strobe


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The Addressable Multipoint ASD is a plug-in type smoke detector that utilizes a photo-electric sensing chamber to make a measurement corresponding to smoke density. The device also incorporates a thermistor sensing circuit to allow for accurate heat measurement. These elements allow the device to be configured to one of 3 smoke, 3 heat or a combined setting. The device can also be fitted with an integral sounder or sounder/strobe capable of providing one of 7 different tones, operating at 65, 80 or 85dB(A) dependant on programming. This feature reduces the requirement for fitting extra annunciation devices. The detector is designed with a single colour red LED to indicate the device status; 400ms flashing indicates that the detector has been activated, 5 second flashing indicates the detector is in fault and 20 second flashing indicates a normal condition. Short circuit isolators are also built into the device in order to protect the system in the event of a cable fault.

This detector is compatible with Fike’s SITA200plus, Duonet and Quadnet intelligent control panels. Its operating parameters are configured using the panel’s programming software and are stored within the Flash memory in the device. This on-board intelligence allows each detector to report and respond directly to the control panel without having to wait until it is polled. This enhanced digital protocol means less information is needed to be sent between the detector and the host control panel, resulting in faster, more reliable communication.


  • Multi-mode detector offering 6 detection modes.
  • Available with integral sounder and strobe.
  • Compatiable with all Fike addressable panels including the CIE-A-200.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions :
    • Diameter : 107mm
    • Depth : Standard inc base 67mm
    • Depth : Strobe inc base 75mm
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +50°C
  • Voltage Range : 24V to 42V DC
  • LED Indication :
    • Normal : 50ms on / 20ms interval
    • Fault : 0.1ms on / 5s interval
    • Fire : 50ms on / 400ms interval
  • Sounder Volume :
    • Low : 65dB(A)+
    • Medium : 80dB(A)+
    • High : 85dB(A)
  • Strobe Operation : 5ms on / 1s interval
  • System Compatibility :
    • CIE-A-200 : all
    • SITA200plus : V2.30 onwards
    • Duonet and Quadnet : V1 onwards
  • Battery Current @ 24V DC :
    • Quiescent : 0.12mA
    • Active : No Sounder 2.07mA (8.32mA with strobe)
    • Active : Low Sounder 3.09mA (9.34mA with strobe)
    • Active : Med Sounder 8.39mA (14.64mA with strobe)
    • Active : High Sounder 12.17mA (18.42mA with strobe)
  • Device Loading Unit Rating :
    • No Sounder : 1 (4.5 with strobe)
    • Low Sounder : 1.5 (5 with strobe)
    • Med Sounder : 4.5 (8 with strobe)
    • High Sounder : 6 (10 with strobe)


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Detector Only, With Sounder, Sounder & Strobe


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