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Zeta Beam Xtra Motorised Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector

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Developed to overcome the problems of old outdated technology in beam detection, this motorised beam now means that beam detection can be used reliably to produce cost effective solutions for protecting large open areas.

Building movement and accessibility have in the past, made beam detection unreliable, difficult, time consuming to commission and hard to maintain, but now by using the advanced motorised technology of the Zeta Beam Xtra unreliability is no longer a problem. The ZT-BEAM/ XTRA will self align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment with the reflector when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.



  • Motorised head unit.
  • Controller unit (mounted at low level).
  • Designed to comply with EN54 part 2.
  • Compatible with most major fire panels.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Uses only 3mA at all times.
  • Vds Approved


  • Supply Voltage: -10 to 30 VDC
  • Supply Current: 3.5mA (constant current) in all operational states
  • Constant Current: 17mA (constant current) in fast commissioning
  • Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Humidity: 10 to 95% RH Non-condensing
  • Protection Index: IP65 when suitably mounted and terminated
  • Dimensions:
    • Head: (H) 180mm (W) 155mm (D) 137mm
    • Controller: (H) 185mm (W) 120mm (D) 62mm
  • Weight: 1.65kg (both parts)
  • Optical Wavelength: 870nm
  • Maximum Angular Alignment: ±5°
  • Maximum Angular Misalignment (static not auto-aligning): Beam Head ±0.75°, Reflector ±2°
  • Protection Range: 5 to 40 metres
  • Alarm Sensitivity Levels: 25%(1.25dB) to 50%(3dB) in 1%(0.05dB) increments (default 35% (1.87dB))
  • Alarm Condition: Obscuration drops to below pre-defined sensitivity level. Time to Alarm Condition adjustable 2 to 30 seconds in 1 second increments (default 10 seconds)
  • Alarm Indication: Controller Status � FIRE, Controller Red Flashing LED, Head Red Flashing LED, Alarm Relay Change Over (CO) Contact, Rating 2A @ 30 VDC
  • Test/Reset Features: Beam test function by controller, Alarm latching/auto-reset selectable (default auto-reset), Alarm reset in latching mode by controller reset function, removing power for >5 seconds, apply 12 to 24 VDC to reset connections in Beam Head.
  • Fault Sensitivity Level: 90%
  • Fault Condition: Obscuration drops to below the fault sensitivity level within 1 second, Power Down or Supply Voltage < 9 VDC, Commissioning modes, Pre-Alignment and Auto Alignment, Beam turned off during Beam Maintenance Time to Fault Condition adjustable, 2 to 60 seconds in 1 second increments (default 10 seconds)
  • Fault Indication: Controller Status � FAULT, Controller Yellow Flashing LED 1 Second, Head Yellow Flashing LED 1 Second, Fault Relay Change Over (CO) Contact, Rating 2A @ 30 VDC
  • Normal Condition: Obscuration level is above the Alarm sensitivity level, Controller Status � NORMAL, Controller Green Flashing LED, Programmable on/off, Head Green Flashing LED, Programmable on/off.
  • Auto-align/Beam Contamination Compensation: Auto-align during normal operation if obscuration drops below 90% for the duration of the align time set (doesn�t effect normal operating mode), Beam Contamination Compensation 4 hour monitoring. Compensation data available at the controller.


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Weight 1.65 kg


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