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Fireray One Auto-Aligning Beam Detector

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With no specialist tools or knowledge needed for installation and operation, the Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of installation. Using the Fireray One, it couldn’t be easier to bring the benefits of beam detection to your application;

  • One Minute Auto-Alignment™ using the integrated user interface – just steer the laser onto the Reflector, then at the flick of a switch, it aligns itself. 8 times faster than previous detectors
  • One person installation – everything can be done by one person
  • One standalone product – no specialist tools required; minimal prior knowledge and training needed


Application Challenge The Fireray One
Small Warehouses Cost effective protection A standalone beam detector with all the bene ts of Fireray Re ective beam detection
Simple installation Single point of wiring and commissioning
New Buildings   Building Movement TrackingTM automatically compensates for natural building movement to continuously maintain alignment*


  • Integrated visible laser and auto-alignment for ultimate ease of alignment.
  • Integrated user interface.
  • Prevent nuisance alarms with Light Cancellation Technology™ which compensates for sunlight and artificial light sources.
  • Building Movement Tracking™ continuously maintains alignment when buildings settle or flex due to temperature variations.
  • Contamination Compensation to correct for gradual build-up of dust on optics.
  • Clean detectors quickly and easily without affecting alignment.
  • Low power consumption; can be powered from the loop.
  • Prevent interference between beams with Dynamic Beam Phasing; install beams facing each other or in irregular configurations.
  • Detection range of up to 120m.



What is the minimum clearance required surrounding the beam on Fireray One?

The Fireray One needs a 1m diameter clearance along the whole of the length of it’s run. This applies to all Reflective Beams.


  • Detection Performance
    • Detection Range
      • 0 to 50m
      • 0 to 120m with Reflective Long Range Kit
    • Alignment Method : Laser assisted, Auto-AlignmentTM. Manual alignment – optional setting
    • Auto-Alignment Protocol : Background check, Box search, Adjust and Centre
    • Building Movement Tracking : Compensates for natural shifts in alignment from building movement*
    • Contamination Compensation : Compensates for gradual build-up of contamination on the optical surfaces
    • Light Cancellation Technology : Compensates for high levels of sunlight and arti cial lighting
    • Optical Wavelength – Smoke Detection : 850nm near infrared (invisible)
    • Integrated Laser – Laser Alignment : 650nm visible. Class IIIa <5mW
    • Dynamic Beam Phasing : Allows beam detectors to be mounted facing each other with the re ectors in the middle. Eliminates false alarms caused by crosstalk between beams.
    • Signal Output : Individual Alarm and Fault relays (VFCO) 2A @ 30 VDC
  • Programmable User Settings
    • Alarm Response Threshold Levels
      • 25% (1.25dB) – Fastest response to smoke
      • 35% (1.87dB) – Default value
      • 55% (3.46dB) – High immunity to false alarms, slow response to smoke
      • 85% (8.23dB) – Highest immunity to false alarms, slowest response to smoke
      • Configured via the integrated user interface
    • Delay to Alarm : 10 seconds, for momentary partial obstruction of the beam path
    • Delay to Fault : 10 seconds, for momentary obstruction of the beam path
  • User Features
    • Integrated User Interface : Alignment mode switch, alignment directional buttons and con guration switches for alarm response threshold
    • Alignment Status Indication : 2 Green LEDs and 1 Yellow LED
    • System Status Indication
      • Normal operation – Green LED ashing every 10 seconds
      • Alarm condition – Red LED ashing every 10 seconds
      • Fault condition – Yellow LED ashing every 10 seconds for obscuration or every 5 seconds for contamination
    • Cleaning : Flat front face with enclosed optics. Cleaning the optics does not affect alignment
  • Design Parameters
    • Separation Distance Between Detector and Reflector
      • 5 to 50m
      • 50 to 120m with Re ective Long Range Kit
    • Beam Path Clearance : 1m in diameter from centre line between Detector and Reflector
    • Detector Dimensions : Width 130mm x Height 181mm x Depth 134mm (see diagram)
    • Reflector Dimensions
      • Up to 50m separation distance – Single re ector 100mm x 100mm x 9mm
      • Up to 120m separation distance – Four re ectors arranged in a square pattern 200mm x 200mm x 9mm
    • Product Weight : Detector – 0.7kg; Re ector – 0.1kg
    • Multi-Detector Arrangement : Dynamic Beam Phasing allows for Detectors to face each other with the re ectors in the middle
    • Housing colour : White RAL9016, UV stable
  • Electrical Specifications
    • Operating Voltage : 14 to 36 VDC
    • Operating Current (Constant) All Operational Modes : All operational modes – 5mA; Fast alignment mode – 33mA
  • Field Wiring
    • Cable Gauge And Type
      • 2 core, dedicated, 0.5 to 1.6mm (24 to 14 AWG)
      • System compatible with reproof and non- reproof cable meeting local installation standards
    • Cable Entry
      • 3 knock-out locations capable of accepting M20, 1⁄2″ or 3⁄4″ glands
      • 4 drill-out locations capable of accepting glands up to 21mm diameter
  • Test And Maintenance
    • Alarm Test : Optical alarm test using Commissioning and Maintenance Kit accessory
  • Environmental Specifications
    • Operating Temperature : -20 to +55°C
    • Storage Temperature : -40 to +85°C
    • Relative Humidity (non-condensing or icing) : 0 to 93%
    • IP Rating : IP55
    • Housing Ammability Rating : UL94 V0 polycarbonate
  • Optical Specifications
    • Fault Level / Rapid Obscuration : (∆ ≤ 2 seconds): ≥85%
    • Maximum Angular Alignment of Reflective Detector : ±4.5° (±70° with adjustment bracket accessory)
    • Maximum Angular Misalignment of Reflective Detector : ±0.5°
    • Maximum Angular Misalignment Of Reflective Detector : ±0.5°


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Weight 0.8 kg


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