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Advantages Of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless fire alarm systems on the whole offer a multitude of benefits and advantages to the modern business.

From speedy installation time and system flexibility through to portability and cost-effectiveness, they represent a great choice for new fire alarm systems and those that need to be expanded alike.

Reduced Installation Time

Any interruption to the running of your business can be costly and disruptive so the less time it takes to install your fire alarm system, the better. Particularly, where limited open periods occur, such as in schools during the holidays, time is of the essence.

As the name implies, wireless fire alarm systems require no cabling to devices so the expense of fire rated cable is negated and the time & effort needed to run cable throughout your building is eliminated. Installers simply need to position and fix wireless fire alarm devices – like detectors, manual call points, sounders and beacons – at the desired locations and you’re ready to go.

Installation can even be managed in stages so that only certain departments are closed at any one time. The system can then be connected wirelessly when all units are in place.

System Flexibility

Fitting a fire alarm system is one of the most, if not the most, important steps you can take to ensure the safety of the people in your building. While you would think that this should be a straightforward task, building regulations, structural obstacles and sometimes just plain aesthetics make it a complicated task. Thus flexibility of the system you choose to install is of the utmost.

As long as wireless fire safety devices are positioned within unobstructed distance of the wireless modules that receive their signals, you can fix them almost anywhere. Most commonly where it would be impractical or unsightly to run cables or even between close-proximity buildings.

If your needs change, wireless devices can simply be repositioned elsewhere with minimal hassle – you can even re-work the entire system to a brand new layout if you need to.

System Portability

A new fire alarm system is a big investment for any organisation to make so the possibility of keeping this system – one which you will have researched at length and paid good money for – with you if circumstances change will be a big factor in your choice.

As we’ve already mentioned, wireless fire alarm systems require no cables and can be re-positioned endlessly. So, if you find that you are going to move to new premises or perhaps you are using a temporary or leased building, you can easily take your wireless fire safety system with you when or if you move and adapt it to meet your new requirements.


So, there’s no need for pricey fire rated cable with a wireless system, but what else makes it a cost-effective choice?

Aside from the fact that most devices on a wireless system run on low-cost lithium batteries, mainly that you can easily add to your system if and when you need to quickly and with no disruption to your existing arrangement. New wireless devices are readily connectable to your wireless receivers and configured to work in your system with the push of a few buttons. Existing wired systems can also be added to with wireless translator modules and a new network of wireless devices.

If you are planning a building extension or you want to increase the level of cover you already have, a wireless fire alarm system is an excellent choice.

In summary, wireless fire alarm systems offer many advantages to organisations in need of fire protection today and must surely be the next step in the evolution of modern fire safety.

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