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Category: Fire Alarm Detectors

Introducing Our New Intrinsically Safe Fire Detectors

We’ve added a new range of intrinsically safe fire detectors to Discount Fire Supplies. Orbis Intrinsically Safe (IS) from Apollo is a range of fire detectors which have been developed from the standard range of Orbis smoke and heat detectors to be safe for use in volatile areas.

Introducing Our New Marine Fire Detectors

We’ve added a new range of fire detectors to Discount Fire Supplies – Orbis Marine Fire Detectors. These fire detectors from Apollo are all approved for use in marine environments and offer a wealth of features.

The Difference Between Smoke Detectors & Heat Detectors

When planning a detailed fire alarm system, or even the installation of domestic fire alarms in your home, you may wonder where it’s best to locate your smoke detectors and heat detectors and why.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Detector Testers (No Climb)

Detector Testers (No Climb) have been at the forefront in the field of design and manufacture of fire detector test equipment for some time. Their continual investment into research and development makes their products, including the Solo range of detector testers, the obvious choice for anyone looking for a reliable method of testing their fire […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Apollo Fire Detectors

Discount Fire Supplies stock a wide range of fire detectors produced by many different manufacturers. Apollo is one such manufacturer, they supply us with XP95 fire detectors and Series 65 fire detectors.

Fire Detector Cleaning

Maintaining clean, dust-free fire detectors is a key part of ensuring you have a fire alarm system that will successfully protect your property and personnel.

Solo Heat Detector Testing

Detector testing should be are an intrinsic part of maintaining any fire alarm system. Testing your heat detectors, whether fixed or rate of rise, is quick and easy with Solo Heat Detector Testers.

Solo Gas Detector Testing

The Solo Detector Testing system helps you establish that your gas detectors are working optimally with the minimum of effort and fuss. This quick guide explains how to test your gas detectors using Solo products.

Solo Smoke Detector Testing

Most fire alarm systems can be relied on to let you know when there’s a fault with any smoke detectors in your system but it’s also important to actively test your smoke detectors to be sure they’ll work in real-life situations. This guide will explain how you can quickly and easily test your fire alarm […]