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SmartCell Wireless System Helps Busy Installer PES Fire & Security Systems Complete Hawthorn Hall, Cardiff Project

Hawthorn Hall, the meeting place of the Order of Women’s Freemasons, is tucked away in the centre of Cardiff and required a new fire detection system meeting the requirements of their risk assessment.

PES Fire & Security Systems Project Collaboration

PES Fire & Security Systems, a Swansea-based company well-known for their expertise in fire and security systems, contacted us for this project which needed to be delivered in a timely fashion without leaning on their already busy installation teams.

PES, who usually preferred traditional wiring, trusted us to provide the components required to deliver an efficient and reliable wireless fire detection solution using SmartCell.

Why the SmartCell Solution

The SmartCell Wireless System introduces a seamless transition to wireless technology for hassle-free installations. SmartCell is a powerful system that uses next generation wireless technology to deliver a compact yet powerful fire detection solution that supports up to 32 fire devices.

SmartCell is a connected system that enables users and service companies to access the system remotely using an optional on board communications module. Any activity on SmartCell can be transmitted by text or email, almost instantaneously to provide up to the minute information about the protected building. 

The Wireless Success:

Because hardwired systems are thought to be more reliable, the industry has historically relied on them. However, over the years, wireless technology has become more powerful, more reliable and more cost-effective when total cost of ownership is considered. 

High Speed Installation

Installation is quick and easy. Minimal cabling means that a wireless fire detection solution can be deployed very quickly with little disruption to businesses or residents.

Battery Life

Advances in battery technology enable wireless devices to operate longer. SmartCell boasts a minimum 3 year battery life for its devices. A 30 day low battery warning is provided  and  replacement is a simple task.

A Reusable Solution

If the building changes or is reconfigured, wireless devices can simply be deployed to the areas that require coverage. New devices can also be added quickly and easily. 

EN54 Approved

SmartCell meets all the latest EN54 standards across the entire product range.

What PES Systems Have to Say

SmartCell provided a solution for a number of challenges at Hawthorn Hall. The client needed a system installation fairly quickly to meet compliance requirements and it is no secret that the Fire industry has a well recorded shortage of technical personnel, resulting in longer wait times for installation. We were also able to overcome some issues with possible asbestos containing materials by avoiding cabling. 

SmartCell was easy to install, configure & commission, safe in the knowledge that friendly technical support was a phone call away. 

Why Decide on Wireless Moving Forward?

Efficiency and flexibility are more important than ever. The right wireless fire detection system can provide a fast, reliable and flexible fire detection solution for a wide variety of applications. It can be deployed very quickly, with minimal disruption to the property or its day-to-day operation.

Embrace the Revolution in Wireless

Are you ready…dramatically uplift the number of projects you can complete with wireless. We are redefining the norm and proving that wireless security solutions are the way of the future by working with prominent companies like PES Systems.

Discount Fire Supplies is an established online wholesaler of security alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detection and emergency lighting systems. For more information about the SmartCell Wireless Fire Detection System, please feel free to give us a call on 01792 983 170  or send an email to [email protected].