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Category: Fire Alarm Panels

Advanced MxPro 4 panels no longer from sale in 2023

The Advanced MxPro 4 series of control panels will no longer be available for sale from 2023 with the last date Advanced will accept an order being 1st December 2022. Since launching the current MxPro5 series of panels in 2010, these have become the default choice for most installers.

How To Disable Devices Via Panel or Software On Advanced MxPro Panels

In this video Laura Shaw from Advanced demonstrates how to disabled devices via the panel front end and software on the MxPro 5 and MxPro 4 range of addressable fire alarm panels.

How To Change Level 3 Access Code On Advanced MxPro 5 Panels

In this video Paul Duffy from Advanced Electronics provides a demonstration on how to get a level 3 access code for a MxPro 5 panel in the event when this code has been changed.

Panel and PC Upload Download Guide For Advanced MxPro5 Panels

In this video Paul Duffy from Advanced Electronics provides a demonstration on how to take an upload/download from an MxPro5 panel to a PC using the Advanced upload/download cable.

Upgrading Fire Alarm Systems With The Infinity ID2

How the Infinity ID2 can help you to utilise existing components of a previously installed fire alarm system We regularly encounter customers looking for a fire alarm solution which would allow them to utilise some aspect of a previously installed system. There are a multitude of reasons why a previous system might require an upgrade […]

Fike Increase Twinflex Pro Warranty To 24 Months

Product warranties don’t just give you peace of mind as a customer, they also speak volumes for the quality & robustness of a product and the faith the manufacturer has in it. It is therefore very welcome news that Fike has extended the standard warranty on the complete Twinflex Pro range from 12 to 24 […]

Repeater panels – What are they and when should they be used?

What are repeater panels and when should they be used? We often hear about repeater panels on fire alarm systems and we all have a vague idea what they do, but what are the actual facts? When should we use them? How should they be installed?