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Category: Fire Safety

Guide to Creating a Fire Evacuation Policy

A fire evacuation policy sets out the procedures that allow for a safe evacuation of a workspace in case of a fire or emergency, to ensure all occupants and visitors get out safely. 

Fire Safety in Heritage Buildings

Historic properties and heritage buildings were generally built before fire safety regulations were put into place, and paired with traditional construction materials used, this can result in an increased risk of fire.

Fire Safety Signs

It is a legal requirement of a business owner or employer to ensure that sufficient signage is provided where there is a significant risk to health and safety. Safety signs regulations standardise safety signs throughout the EU so that wherever a particular safety sign is given, it portrays the same message. This is to ensure […]

P50 Service Free Fire Extinguishers

Discount Fire Supplies have recently added a range of service free fire extinguishers from Britannia. The P50 service free extinguishers are built using design technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence aircraft and aerospace industries. They can be maintained by staff members using a simple two-step programme and only require discharge testing and refilling after […]

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

It has recently been confirmed that a couple found dead on Boxing Day 2013 died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a portable generator.

Integrating CO alarms into a fire alarm system

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are very well known and fortunately the number of people taking adequate precautions, including the installation of CO alarms, is rising. This being considered the vast majority of alarms are standalone, battery operated alarms with the warning being limited to their integrated sounder. Despite the British fire alarm standard […]

Shed Fire Safety

Four homes were recently evacuated when a fire broke out in a garden shed in Wrexham. This situation is more common than people might expect with sheds posing a number of fire safety risks, often containing highly flammable items such as gas cylinders, chemicals, oily rags and electrical items that, if not stored correctly, could […]

Changing Standards: BS5839 Part 6 2013

It seems to be quite a regular occurrence that we have to spend time in familiarisation with some amended or updated guidance document. Of course this is essential, but it leaves us all with the problem of somehow finding out about all the changes taking place. This is a major problem for most of us as there […]

HMO Fire Alarm Systems: where to start and what to consider?

How do we decide if flats and apartments need fire alarm systems? This is quite a complicated question and the answer varies according to which type of accommodation it may be, i.e. houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) or self-contained dwellings (flats or apartments), and of course on any specific risks and the number of storeys.