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Category: Water Leakage Alarms

Water Detectors Give Warning of Floods

Many areas of the UK, especially Wales, have been affected this week by floods. While water detectors cannot prevent floods, they can give enough warning of water leakage that many families may be able to minimise water damage and evacuate their property safely.

Water Detectors

Following the flash floods that hit Bournemouth and other areas of Dorset last month we thought we’d remind you that Discount Fire Supplies stock a wide range of safety devices for your home and business – not just fire alarms! One item we stock which could be very handy in areas prone to flooding is […]

Water leakage detector & alarms help prevent water damage

Water damage costs millions of pounds to UK homes every year and is one of the most common reasons people claim on their home insurance. This damage can result from the rising threat of floods, poor plumbing, leaky appliances and many others things where early detection can minimise damage.