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Apollo Series 65 Range Now Available

Apollo Series 65 Range Now Available
Apollo Series 65 Range Now Available

New to Discount Fire Supplies’ stock of conventional fire detectors and bases is the Apollo Series 65 range. Each detector in this range incorporates reliable, proven fire sensing technology while making use of advances in materials and electronics.

Smoke Detection

Apollo Series 65 contains two smoke detectors – the Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector and the Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector.

The Apollo Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector detects smoke by using a pulsing LED and an obtuse angled photo-diode. The operation of this detector is very simple, when smoke enters the chamber light from the LED beam scatters and is sensed by the photo-diode causing an alarm to activate.

The Apollo Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector has two smoke sensing chambers in which air is irradiated by an Americium 241 radiation source to create a current flow. Smoke particles entering the chamber attach themselves to the ions produces by irradiation causing the current flow to drop and trigger an alarm.

Heat Detection

No less than four heat detectors are available in the Series 65 range – three rate of rise and one static heat detector.

The Series 65 Heat Class A1R, Series 65 Heat Class BR and the Series 65 Heat Detector CR are all rate of rise (ROR) detectors using the same detection principle. Housed within the detector chamber are two thermistors, one is exposed to the ambient air temperature and the other is thermally sealed. In normal conditions these sensors will be about the same temperature but when the air outside begins to rise due to fire the imbalance between the thermistors will cause an alarm to activate.

Each heat detector will activate an alarm over different temperature ranges, the upper level for the A1R is 50°C, the BR is 65°C and the CR id 80°C to 100°C.

The Series 65 Heat Detector CS is a static heat detector that has a single thermistor. An alarm will activate when the air temperature reaches or exceeds 100°C.


Three bases from this range have been included in our stock: the Standard Base, the Diode Base and the 12V Relay Base.

Apollo Series 65 detector bases have been cleverly designed so that minimal force is required to fix a detector to a base – a simple clockwise rotation is all that’s need to connect the two elements.

Each base can hold any of the Apollo Series 65 detectors and one base is required for each detector in the fire alarm circuit. The standard base has no bells or whistles whereas the diode base is designed to be used where manual call points are also included in the circuit and the relay base is designed to connect detectors to both fire alarm and security systems.

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