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Apollo XP95 Range Now Available

Apollo XP95 Heat Detector
Apollo XP95 Heat Detector

This week we have introduced the Apollo XP95 range of addressable detectors and bases to the Discount Fire Supplies online store. Expertly researched and advanced in design, the XP95 range offers high performance and a multitude of benefits for installers and end-users alike.


We now have 4 new intelligent detectors to offer our customers in our range of addressable fire alarm detectors.

In smoke detection we have both the Apollo XP95 Optical Smoke Detector and the Apollo XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector. These smoke detectors are very similar in appearance but of course detect smoke using two very different methods.

  • The optical smoke detector uses a pulsing LED light source and photo-diode at an obtuse angle to detect smoke – when smoke enters the detector chamber the light from the LED fragments and is picked up by the photo-diode triggering an alarm.
  • The ionisation smoke detector has low-level radioactive source that irradiates the air in the detector chamber to produce a current. If smoke enters the chamber the current flow drops, activating the alarm.

We then have the Apollo XP95 Heat Detector, a robust detector that responds to increasing air temperature through a single thermistor. This device will trigger an alarm when the air temperature exceeds 55°C.

We would also like to introduce the Apollo XP95 Multisensor Detector. Combining the smoke detection of the optical smoke detector and the temperature sensitivity of the heat detector, this device offers truly comprehensive fire detection for your premises.

To accompany our detectors we also stock the Apollo XP95 Remote Indicator, a useful device that you can place in a convenient location for indication of an alarm if your detector is in an inaccessible or hard-to-see location.

Call Points

For manual fire reporting we are also stocking the Apollo XP95 Manual Call Point. This call point has a resettable element for quick and easy re-commissioning and upon activation will send a signal to the fire alarm control panel in less than 0.2 seconds.


Each Apollo XP95 detector requires a base in order to add the device to the addressable loop.

These bases have been produced with ease of use in mind. Every detector base comes with the Apollo Xpert Card, a universal address card that makes commissioning the device address a simple task. Each Xpert card has seven pips, using the accompanying coding guide as reference you simply have to remove the necessary number of pips to commission the desired address.

You’ll find the following detector bases in our addressable fire alarm detector bases category:

  • Apollo XP95 Intelligent Mounting Base – standard base, compatible with all XP95 detectors.
  • Apollo XP95 Intelligent Deep Base – extra depth for surface mounting and side cable-insertion.
  • Apollo XP95 Intelligent Low Power Relay Base – gives you the ability to control field equipment like door closers in an alarm.
  • Apollo XP95 Isolating Base – the attached detector remains active while the base isolates a short circuit in the loop.
  • Apollo XP95 Intelligent Heater Base – increases the detector temperature to prevent icing and condensation in cold conditions.


Finally, as part of the XP95 range we are also stocking the Apollo XP95 Isolator and Apollo XP95 Isolator Base. In conjunction, these products allow you to isolate short-circuits in your addressable loop very effectively. Up to 20 detectors can be placed between isolators, in the event of a short circuit only the detectors between isolators will be cut off from the power supply. The isolator will automatically restore power to the suspended loop section when the short-circuit has been fixed.

As always, if you have any questions about any of products, please feel free to contact our sales department on 01792 983 170.

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