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Are Wireless Fire Alarms Safe?

Wireless fire alarms use radio frequencies to communicate information between devices. This type of communication can be cost-effective and flexible, but it it safe?

In areas where wiring is not suitable (for example in temporary structures or listed buildings), wireless fire alarms have become the norm. Wireless devices offer a high-level of flexibility for the end user – even allowing fire alarms to be situated in the most awkward of places- and effectively protect a building and it’s occupants from fire.

Could Other Wireless Devices Cause Interference?

Wireless fire alarms use select bandwidths to communicate. The frequency of the radio link can be adjusted to avoid interference with other wireless systems. During installation, your engineer will ensure the risk of interference is minimal.

Are Wireless Fire Alarms Signals Encrypted?

For further security the radio signals from wireless fire alarms are also encrypted. This means only linked devices can translate the signal. The wireless fire alarm system you choose should conform to European Standards for security, giving you peace of mind that the communication methods used have been designed to be secure and reliable.

Can These Signals Harm People?

No, it is extremely unlikely that any harm will arise to anyone in the vicinity of wireless fire alarms. Radiowaves are constantly surrounding us – thousands of devices use similar technology including hand-held radios, wi-fi, motion detectors and even garage door openers.

What If The Battery Runs Out?

The majority of wireless fire alarms actually have two batteries – a main battery and a back-up. However, it’s unlikely your wireless alarms will need to use the back-up battery as there are a number ways the device will let you know power is low. Many include LEDs which will communicate a low-battery sate through a change of colour or flashes. Furthermore, devices also have the capability to send their status to the wireless fire alarm control panel which will also let you know via LEDs or messages that the battery power is low on a particular device. This will all be done days in advance so that you have plenty of time to change the battery and keep your wireless fire alarms at optimum power levels.

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