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Category P Fire Alarm Systems

Depending on your requirements, your fire alarm system will generally fall into one of two categories – L or P. The system you require is based on the objective of the fire system i.e. whether it is primarily designed to protect Life (L) or Property (P).

Category P fire alarm systems protect property, reducing fire damage to the building and its contents rather than protecting occupants. Examples of locations a Category P fire system could be installed include abandoned buildings, warehouses and computer-controlled factories.

As category P alarm systems are usually designed for unoccupied properties they are normally connected to a dedicated alarm receiving centre (ARC). In the event of fire, a signal from the fire alarm system will be automatically sent to the ARC who will contact the fire service and any other necessary bodies on the property owner’s behalf. Having a fast response to alarms can greatly reduce the damage caused by fire.

Category P Fire Alarm Systems Overview

P2 Category P2 fire alarm systems are installed in defined high risk areas where the risk of fire ignition is particularly high, such as boiler rooms, or the contents of the room are high value. A fire risk assessment should be carried out to identify these areas and ensure that they are adequately protected.
P1 P1 fire alarm systems protect all areas in the building. Automatic fire detectors are installed in all rooms, bar a few exceptions such as small cupboards, to ensure that fire is detected as early as possible thus reducing the fire damage caused.

Sometimes a combination of Category P and Category L fire alarm systems is required. The type of system you choose should always be based on a suitable fire risk assessment, fire regulations and the advice of your local fire authority.

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