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Category: Emergency Lighting

Escape Route Emergency Lighting

Designing An Emergency Lighting System: Part 5 Once the essential emergency lighting areas have been covered you should review all escape routes to see if any additional lights are required to ensure that minimum luminance levels have been met for safe escape route usage.

Essential Emergency Lighting

Designing An Emergency Lighting System: Part 4 There are several essential areas that require emergency lighting that you will have to pay attention to when you are completing you emergency lighting plan.

Emergency Exit Sign Guidelines

Designing An Emergency Lighting System: Part 3 For your emergency lighting system to conform to fire and safety regulations you need to ensure that exit signs are the correct format and size and that they are illuminated correctly. BS 5266 Part 7 states ‘Signs which are provided at all exits intended to be used in […]

Locating Your Emergency Lighting

Designing An Emergency Lighting System: Part 2 When planning an emergency lighting system it is important to consider the areas you will be highlighting with your emergency lights.

Designing An Emergency Lighting System

Part 1: Legislation Emergency lighting provides illumination of escape routes in emergency situations, such as the loss of power during a fire. When planning an emergency lighting system there are many things you must take into consideration including fire legislation, safety standards compliance, ease of use and maintenance.

Hanging Emergency Exit Signs Now Available

This week we have introduced Maintained Hanging Emergency Exit Signs to our range of Emergency Exit Signs. These signs offer an alternative to traditional emergency exit signs and allow you to add some style to your safety.

Testing Your Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a very important component of any emergency safety system. In the event of power failure, whether due to a simple power cut or a more serious cause like fire, it will activate and light the way to safety for everyone in your building.

Emergency Lighting: The Basics

Emergency lighting is a really important part of fire safety and following the latest addition to our range of emergency lighting, the 1W Self Test LED Emergency Down Light, we thought we’d talk about the different types of emergency lights available to our customers in order to help you decide which is best for your […]

Repair your 8 Watt Emergency Light Bulkhead with our LED Retrofit Emergency Light Replacement

Designed with the contractor in mind, this LED retrofit emergency light replacement can be installed in less than 2 minutes and will last much longer than conventional fixtures.