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Hanging Emergency Exit Signs Now Available

Hanging Emergency Exit Sign
Hanging Emergency Exit Sign in Chrome, White & Brass

This week we have introduced Maintained Hanging Emergency Exit Signs to our range of Emergency Exit Signs. These signs offer an alternative to traditional emergency exit signs and allow you to add some style to your safety.


There are three finishes available with the hanging emergency exit signs in this range – a modern chrome, a versatile white and a classy brass.

These signs are perfect for building owners and managers who want to maintain the style of their interiors while retaining clear and safe emergency exits.


Our hanging emergency exit signs are maintained, this means that they can operate continuously. In normal conditions, illumination of the exit sign will be powered by the mains supply. During this time a nickel-cadmium battery in the unit will be kept charged by the mains power. In the event of a power failure the battery will be used to power the sign for up to 3 hours.

The battery has over-charge and over-discharge protection to ensure that it is always in the best possible condition.


At only £22.00+VAT each these hanging emergency signs are very reasonably priced to begin with. The main cost-efficient element of these emergency exit signs though is the LED light source used to illuminate the emergency exit legend.

Fourteen bright white LEDs are housed in the main body of the unit, these provide low-cost lighting to the hanging emergency exit sign.

You’ll find this range of maintained hanging emergency exit signs in the Emergency Exit Signs category on our website.

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