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Category: Fire Safety

Changing Standards: BS5839 Part 1 2013

It seems to be quite a regular occurrence that we have to spend time in familiarisation with some amended or updated guidance document. Of course this is essential, but it leaves us all with the problem of somehow finding out about all the changes taking place. This is a major problem for most of us […]

The Efficiency of Fire And Rescue Authorities

Earlier this month a report was released by Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM FIFireE in which he outlines his “Findings from the review of efficiencies and operation in fire and rescue authorities in England.”

Introducing Our New Online Fire Safety Training

Online Fire Safety Training We have recently introduced a series of online fire safety training courses to our website. Not only does fire safety training help your employees to stay safe by providing them with the knowledge of how to prevent fires from occurring and what to do if a fire should break out, but […]

Valentine’s Day by Candle Light

Valentine’s by Candle Light Once again St. Valentine’s day is upon us. Some of us will be out enjoying candlelit meals, some will be at home enjoying some private time with their wives and partners and some will be at home enjoying a microwave meal for one. Whatever we end up doing with our evening […]

Talking To Children About Fire Safety

Whether you’re in the home or out-and-about, fire safety is a very important topic – a topic that can sometimes be difficult for parents, teachers and care-givers to tackle.

Fire Dangers Explained: Reduced Visibility

Smoke produced from fire can often be seen before the other effects of fire such as heat and flames. As the smoke fills a room it gradually obscures light sources, whether natural or man-made, and limits occupants’ ability to see clearly.

Fire Dangers Explained: Smoke Inhalation

It’s a common misconception that severe burns are the biggest killer when it comes to fires. In reality smoke inhalation kills more people than any other danger associated with indoor fires.

Fire Dangers Explained: Burns

In the public consciousness, burns are often regarded as the biggest risk of being caught in a fire. While this isn’t always the case, burns can be extremely painful and even deadly.

Summer Fire Safety: Hotel Rooms

Chances are if you’re going on holiday this summer you’ll stay in a hotel. Fire safety is an important consideration whether you’ll be staying in a luxurious 5* hotel or a cheap and cheerful hostel.