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Summer Fire Safety: Hotel Rooms

hotel exterior
Your Hotel has an obligation to protect you from fire during your stay.

Chances are if you’re going on holiday this summer you’ll stay in a hotel. Fire safety is an important consideration whether you’ll be staying in a luxurious 5* hotel or a cheap and cheerful hostel.

Hotels feature all of the amenities you’d expect at home (and often many more luxuries besides). For some the hotel is simply somewhere to rest their heads while they head off on holiday adventures and for others it is a haven of relaxation with no need to even leave the building.

Regardless of how you’ll spending your time in your hotel it is important to take note of the fire safety procedures in place and how well you and your family will be protected from fire during your stay.

It’s very easy to take it for granted that a hotel will have adequate fire safety procedures and a fire alarm system in place but all too often we see stories about hotel managers that are facing hefty fines due to poor fire safety, or worse.

By pro-actively looking for signs that your hotel takes fire safety seriously and that there is a fire alarm system in place can you truly relax on holiday this summer.

And remember, these simple fire safety observations apply to other holiday accommodation such as private apartments, villas, B&Bs and even caravans.

Fire Safety In Your Hotel

A number of things should be obvious in any location in your hotel. The nearest fire exit should be clearly visible and you should also be able to locate manual call points and fire extinguishers by scanning around the room. A glance at the ceiling should uncover detection devices such as smoke detectors.

Fire Safety In Your Room

In your hotel room you should be provided with a fire safety pack explaining the fire procedures in place in the hotel and how to evacuate the building in an emergency. It would be worth following the escape route described to ensure that you’re familiar with the route and that there are no obstacles. Exploring the vicinity will also help you locate the nearest fire extinguishers and manual call points.

In your accommodation itself there should be smoke alarms and other devices like heat detectors. You should check if there are any restrictions on how far you can open windows and also check that electrical sockets are not overloaded or scorched.

If anything is unclear or you need instructions in another language do not hesitate to contact reception. They should be happy to help put your mind at rest and explain or put right any issues.

If during your stay the fire alarm does go off always assume the emergency is real – even if there have been false alarms already. Never use the lift and make sure your party stays together at all times.

For extra peace of mind you could consider taking portable fire alarms with you. Discount Fire Supplies sells a range of standalone smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that are lightweight and easy to store.