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Cigarette Smoke Detectors by Radal Technology

Catch smokers in the act with a cigarette smoke detection system.

With the introduction of the smoking ban in 2007 cigarette smoke detection became one of the most sought after types of smoke detection for businesses all over the UK. During this time Radal Technology has been at the forefront of the cigarette detection industry.

Radal Technology first created a tobacco smoke detector in 1998 and went on to research and develop finely sensitive smoke detectors that could detect cigarette smoke in even the most open of spaces.

Their system, dubbed Cig-Arrete (French translation Cig-Stop), has gone on to receive wide acclaim and still dominates the cigarette detection market to this day.

Cigarette smoke detectors allow areas like toilet cubicles and offices to be policed where there is a smoking ban in force. Members of the public and even company employees often look for inconspicuous or secluded areas to get their nicotine hits, despite signs warning them that smoking is prohibited. Organisations that are known to allow smoking on-site despite the smoking ban, or those that have not taken enough measures to stop smoking on-site, can face hefty fines if caught.

Radal Technology’s Cig-Arrete anti-smoking system gives building owners the ability to catch smokers in the act and monitor areas, like toilets, where illicit smoking is known to take place.

The Cig-Arrete range includes a full cigarette smoke detection system as well as standalone cigarette smoke detectors. Flame detectors, e.g. to detect cigarette lighters, are also available and many of the products in this range are also available with a voice alarm telling smokers, “This is a no smoking area. Please extinguish your cigarette. A member of staff has been contacted.”

As well as the Cig-Arrete system Radal Technology have also developed innovative product ranges for many different sectors including education, healthcare and hospitality.

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