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Differences between Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

There are several differences between conventional & addressable fire alarm systems. These differences include;

  1. Addressable fire alarm systems give information about individual detectors, whereas conventional systems only give information about specific circuits (zones).
  2. Due to this, addressable systems allow a courtesy text label to allow easy identification of any event. For instance detector 1 may be given the label “Bedroom 1”.
  3. Most addressable systems allow an early “pre-alarm” warning, which allows the responsible person to investigate potential alarms before the system activates it`s sirens
  4. Many addressable systems can alter the alarm threshold of the detectors, in order to meet the needs of different environments in different areas of the system
  5. Addressable systems are usually wired in a loop. Conventional systems are usually wired as radial circuits.
  6. Addressable systems usually have a real time clock & event log to record system events.
  7. Larger addressable systems usually have the ability to use sophisticated programming options to operate certain outputs only with specific events.
  8. Historically, addressable systems have tended to be complicated to configure, and cost between 50% to 100% more than a conventional equivalent.

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2 thoughts on “Differences between Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

  1. In your explanation of Differences of Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm system, the last point no -8 says about complication of configuring the addressable system . Are you telling that the configuration is not “User-friendly ” ??

    1. Certainly most manufacturers of addressable panels make every effort to streamline the process of configuring their panels however the overall process is more complicated compared with simpler conventional or twin-wire systems.

      Some addressable systems including the Simplicity range of panels from Zeta make the process very simple and all setup is done via the panel itself so no requirement for special software, laptops, etc.

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