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Disabled Toilet Alarm Kits

If you own or manage a public building you are required by UK law to make provisions for disabled people by ensuring the premises is fully accessible. This practise is regulated by BS8300, a British Standard, and dictates that disabled access must be considered when designing and constructing a new building or planning improvements to an existing building.

BS8300 states that as a part of this provision for those with disabilities all new disabled toilet facilities should be fitted with a fixed method of communication.

Essentially this means that any disabled washroom in your premises needs to have a disabled toilet alarm. BS8300 dictates that:

  • you must not be able to confuse the disabled toilet alarm with a standard fire alarm, either audibly or visually.
  • a red pull cord in the toilet room or cubicle must have two red bangles of 50mm in diameter set at specific heights – one at 800-1000mm and the other just above floor level at 100mm.
  • indication of alarm activation must be visual and audible

Discount Fire Supplies stocks a number of Disabled Toilet Alarm Kits to help you meet these regulations. Depending on your requirements, these kits are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone options (one zone per cubicle).

Each Kit contains:

  • A Control Panel
    This is the brains behind the disabled toilet alarm system and is capable of monitoring up to 4 zones. It has LED indication of the zones in the system and from this panel you will be able to silence or reset alarms. The unit is mains powered but can also be installed with a battery pack to power the system in the event of power failure.
  • Pull Cords
    Pull cords are devices used by the person in distress to trigger the alarm. As mentioned previously, the bangles on the pull cord must be set at specific heights to allow the disabled person to easily use the alarm pull cord.
  • Remote Indicators
    These are warning devices that indicate an alarm has been triggered. The remote indicator should be wall-mounted where it is most likely to be noticed, for example outside the toilet door. During an alarm it will give a visual and audible alert that someone needs attention.
  • Remote Resets
    This is a device used to cancel alarm activations. It can be wall-mounted, like the remote indicator, and has a simple Reset button that can be pushed to stop an alarm.
  • Disable Toilet Stickers
    Each Kit also includes disabled WC stickers for use on your disabled toilet cubicle doors. You will receive a sticker for each zone in the Kit purchased.

View our full range of disabled toilet alarm kits. We also stock each item in our Kits individually under our disabled toilet alarm components category.

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