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Discount Fire Supplies Use Of Cookies

Following the recent Cookie Law (The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2011) we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to explain to our customers what cookies are and how they are used on our website.

The Cookie Law itself is somewhat ambiguous as to which cookies are deemed strictly necessary, functional or intrusive. We believe that the cookies in use on are all necessary to provide the functionality our customers expect from a quality online retailer.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are tiny files that are stored on the device you use to access the internet, whether you’re using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. They contain data and they’re commonly used to remember who you are and which choices you’ve made on a website, for example which products you’ve added to your shopping basket or if you’ve ‘Liked’ a page on Facebook.

The bulk of Cookie data is stored anonymously – this means that your personal details are not stored and actions cannot be traced back to an individual.

Cookies are intended to enhance user experiences on the internet and in the vast majority of cases they do. However, a small percentage of website owners have abused this technology (e.g. through targeted advertising) and this is why the authorities have created a law which will give them the ability to crack down on the intrusive use of cookies.

Which Cookies do we use?

In our Privacy Policy you’ll find a detailed account of the cookies we use on this website and what they mean for you as a customer.

In Schedule 1 we have listed the cookies required to allow the e-commerce functionality of our website – the features that allow you to buy products online. These cookies are placed on your device by our website and deleted after your shopping session.

In Schedule 2 we have outlined any third party cookies in use. These predominately allow us to use social sharing buttons on our website like Facebook’s Like button. Google Analytics also places cookies on your device on our behalf which enables us to monitor how visitors use our website so we can enhance your customer experience.

Please read our Privacy Policy to see the full range of cookies used.

Discount Fire Supplies promises to only use cookies that will enhance your experience on our website and enable you to take advantage of the features we offer to our customers.

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