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Disposable Vape Ban and Detection

Announced last month, the Government will soon be imposing a ban on the sale and supply of disposable vapes in England, Scotland and Wales. What does this ban mean for you, and should you still purchase vape detection?

Disposable Vape Ban Explained

Vapes have become popular amongst adults on their journey to quitting cigarettes, due to their nicotine content rather than harmful smoke, but they have also become popular with young people and children. Research shows that the number of children using vapes in the last 3 years has tripled, due to the fun flavours and bright colours that appeal to this demographic.

As there is not enough research on the long term effects of vaping, the new ban hopes to protect young people’s health. What’s more, banning vapes will mean less distractions for children in school, as currently 54% of teachers report pupils leaving lessons to vape.

Along with the ban of disposable vapes to adults and children, there will be tighter restrictions on the flavours available of non-disposable vapes, in addition to tighter policies on their packaging and how they are displayed to consumers in shops.

The Importance of Vape Detection

Whilst the government is trying to get the vape ban imposed as quickly as possible, there will be a 6 month grace period to allow businesses to adjust. During this time frame, there could be a small surge in vape users. What’s more, adults are still able to purchase non-disposable vapes to help them give up smoking cigarettes, meaning vape detection is still incredibly important.

Detection allows you to take the correct measures, to ensure air quality is of a high standard. Additionally, although vapes use lithium-ion batteries, which are relatively safe in the correct hands, there are possibilities for these to pose a fire risk if not handled properly, or if battery malfunctions arise.

In Schools

The ban will primarily affect young people, as they will no longer be able to purchase disposable vapes. In our Vape Detection in Schools article, we touched on how young people are becoming addicted to the habit of smoking vapes, so the new restrictions may be harder to impose in schools than you’d think.

Therefore, vape detection is paramount for educational establishments to ensure safe air quality, maintaining a healthier atmosphere for students and staff alike.

Hispec Vape Detection

The Hispec Smart Vape Detector allows you to maintain air quality and a healthy environment for employees, students and visitors. The system works by monitoring the area in real-time, providing instant updates to admin apps when vaping is detected.

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