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Ekho Hybrid Wireless Training Complete

We are pleased to confirm that all of our sales and support team have successfully completed training on the new Ekho wireless system from Hochiki. A special thanks to Hochiki who were able to deliver this training during these challenging times.

What is Ekho?

In a nutshell Ekho is new range of wireless devices which integrate directly with the Hochiki ESP addressable protocol. The integration of these, in combination with the existing hardwired equivalents, allows for a hybrid wireless system.

Ekho vs FireWave

Hochiki are no strangers to hybrid wireless systems as the Ekho succeeds the previous FireWave range. In doing so systems now benefit from vast improvements in range, capacity and battery life.

FIREwave vs Ekho

Communication range between Translator and Expander, in metres

  • FIREwave 250
  • Ekho 2000*
* In open air

Communication range between Expander and field device, in metres

  • FIREwave 150
  • Ekho 1200*
* In open air

Maximum number of Expanders programmable on a Translator

  • FIREwave 7
  • Ekho Unlimited
* Within the 126-address capacity of associated Translator

Maximum Battery Life

  • FIREwave 8 Years
  • Ekho 10 Years
* In open air


Ekho is available now and over the coming weeks we will be launching the full range on our website. As with all wireless systems, a site survey to assess suitability is vital so contact us to see how we can help you undertake this.