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Emergency Lighting by Zeta Alarm Systems

emergency lighting
We stock a range of emergency lighting by Zeta Alarm Systems

Zeta Alarm System has a diverse range of products, from fire alarms to emergency lighting. In this blog we’ll focus on what they have to offer in the emergency lighting arena.

Emergency lighting is essential for all businesses and organisations with employees or members of the public using their property. When fire strikes, or if the main power to the building is compromised, emergency lights will light the way to safety. The layout of your emergency lighting will depend on the key areas and exit routes you have identified in a fire risk assessment. If you are unsure of where to install emergency lighting, please consult a professional.

Zeta Alarm Systems is a manufacturer of quality fire safety products and this includes emergency lights. In their range of emergency lighting you’ll find a range of products suitable for a number of applications. Many of their products come in maintained and non-maintained options.

Maintained or Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting

Maintained emergency lighting can be set to stay on constantly in a building, whether mains power is available or not. Non-maintained emergency lights however will only activate when mains power has failed.

Within the maintained emergency lighting category, Zeta have several products for you to choose from, these include the 8W Maintained Bulkhead Emergency Light and the 8W Maintained Recessed Emergency Light Fitting. Non-maintained emergency lights include the 8W Non-Maintained Recessed Emergency Light Fitting.

Emergency Exits

To point people in the direction of building exits, emergency exit lights with legends are available. The 8W Maintained Exit Box comes with a down arrow emergency exit legend however this can be exchanged easily for exit signs pointing in other directions. Hanging emergency exit signs are also available in a choice of finishes.

For larger areas emergency spotlights are a good choice. In the Zeta range you can choose from the Twin Non-Maintained Emergency Spotlight with 50W Halogen Lamps and the Tri Emergency Spotlight.

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