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Enforcing Smoke Free Environments

Smoke Free Environment
Smoke Free Environment

Since the smoking ban came into effect across the UK during 2006-2007 many pubs across the country have closed, in fact over 350 have closed in Wales alone during 2007-2010. While these closures are unfortunate and possibly in part due to the ban we’ve got to remember that any lit article is a fire hazard and smoke free environments in pubs, restaurants and other public places hugely benefit our health. In any case, the smoking ban is law and as responsible citizens we have to do our utmost to observe and uphold the ban.

For persons caught smoking in smoke free zones, fixed penalty notices of £50 can be given on the spot. Landlords and managers also have the right to ban law-breakers from their premises if they catch anyone smoking on-site.

A huge £2500 fine is what owners have to look forward to if they are found failing to prevent smoking in a smoke free place. Repeat offenders face even harsher punishment – a former landlord was imprisoned for six months last year after he failed to pay several fines given to him for failing to enforce the smoking ban.

Many diligent members of the public will be willing to report offenders to the correct authorities, or at the very least inform a member of staff at the premises. If you see someone smoking illegally in a smoke free place please don’t risk a confrontation with the offender – let someone in charge know.

Owners and managers of public places, including government buildings like hospitals and schools, can’t rely on observation and warnings by members of the public alone to let them know when smokers are flouting the law – they need reliable technology to help do the job for them so they can act swiftly to catch illegal smokers in the act.

Normal smoke detectors often don’t detect cigarette smoke as the composition of the smoke is different and they are not sensitive enough to detect the low amount of smoke emitted.

Purpose built cigarette smoke detectors can be installed in places smokers are likely to light up, like wash-rooms. In small applications like a pub a product like the Puff Alert Cigarette Smoke Detector is a great choice as it comes with a Remote LED Indicator. This LED Indicator can be installed somewhere it’s likely to be noticed, for example behind the bar, and will flash and sound when the main device detects cigarette smoke. A manager or member of staff can then investigate the alarm.

For bigger applications like hotels an entire cigarette detection system would make more sense. Something like the Cig-Arrête Standard Cigarette Detection Controller can manage up to 25 sensors over five different zones and can give owners peace of mind they are fully complying with smoking legislation.

Cigarette smoke detectors and alarms are a great deterrent to smokers too – knowing that they could easily get caught and that staff are vigilant against this type of behaviour is usually enough to make them think twice about getting their lighter out.

Discount Fire Supplies has several cigarette smoke alarms and cigarette detection system components for you to choose from, if you need any advice please let us know.

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