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Fike Price Increase from 2024

Fike are increasing their prices from 2024, which will affect the Twinflex system and CIE Addressable system available at Discount Fire Supplies.

Who Are Fike?

Fike has over 75 years experience as safety supply manufacturers to protect industrial processes, creating systems for explosion protection, pressure relief and fire protection.

They create comprehensive solutions for clients’ needs, to protect assets, people and the environment in a variety of industries. Fike offers a number of fire protection systems to detect fires at the earliest possible stage.

As a global supplier, Fike is known for its quality and customer satisfaction, and its dedication to ensuring all systems and products meet industry standards, best practices and regulations – making it an ideal choice for your safety needs.

Fike Systems

Twinflex System

Discount Fire Supplies supply the complete Twinflex system, including kits, panels, detectors and call points. This range of products is adaptable for your business needs, making it a flexible and cost effective solution for small to medium installations.

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CIE Addressable System

The Fike CIE addressable systems  are installed across 1 or 2 loops, supporting a maximum of 200 or 400 devices respectively.. This loop wiring, compared with the radial wiring supported by the Twinflex, saves on installation time and costs. 

What’s more, addressable systems work on a programmed basis, giving you the freedom of choosing which inputs trigger which outputs.

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Action Required

If you have a pending order, we recommend that you place this by the end of 2023 to secure this year’s pricing. This means you have just over one month to place your order.