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Fire Detector Cleaning

Detector Cleaning Is An Important Part Of Fire Alarm Maintenance
Detector Cleaning Is An Important Part Of Fire Alarm Maintenance

Maintaining clean, dust-free fire detectors is a key part of ensuring you have a fire alarm system that will successfully protect your property and personnel.

Contaminated or generally dirty, dusty detectors are a known cause of false alarms and could cause delays in the detection of fire. Dust and dirt can build gradually over time but can also be caused by factors such as ongoing construction work.

Simply seeing a clean detector casing does not mean the internal workings are in order. However, seeing a dirty detector casing could mean the inside of the detector needs to be cleaned too.

It is important to note that improper detector cleaning can damage fire detectors and inhibit their ability to sense fire.

It is always recommended to hire the services of a professional when the time comes to clean your fire detectors. Undertaking this work yourself could cause damage to detectors which may invalidate manufacturers’ warranties.

Professionals often use specialist products and tools for fire alarm detector cleaning. These include detector removal tools, like the Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal Tool, which allow the simple and safe removal of many types of detector heads for cleaning.

To remove dust and contaminants, professionals use products like the Solo A7 Detector Duster Aerosol, a high-velocity aerosol which has been expertly designed to provide a quick and easy way to clear dust from the internal workings of many types of fire detector. This detector duster is used manually to effectively clean the internal components of your fire detectors without damage by blowing out dust and foreign objects with a non-abrasive, non-flammable gas.

The above Solo A7 has been discontinued however a clearing function is part of both the Solo 365 and Testifire products.