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Guide to Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light


Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology revolutionises surveillance by offering three supplementary lighting modes (Color, IR, Smart) to cater to diverse lighting requirements. This innovative feature allows users to select the ideal lighting mode tailored to their specific needs.

Unlike traditional night vision cameras that provide black & white images, Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology ensures high-definition colour imaging even in challenging lighting conditions.


The Smart Hybrid Light technology by Hikvision brings forth a range of benefits:

  • Detailed Footage: The Smart mode intelligently switches between infrared illumination and colour imaging to capture critical details during events, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Flexible Lighting Modes: With the ability to choose between Color, IR, and Smart modes, users can adapt the lighting to suit different scenarios. Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology aims to enhance user experience by offering detailed colour images without the disturbance of continuous white light during night time surveillance.
  • Event-Triggered Colour Imaging: The Smart mode activates colour imaging only when an event occurs, balancing between infrared illumination and colour capture for efficient surveillance.


While the Smart Hybrid Light technology offers numerous advantages, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Power Consumption: Depending on the selected mode, power consumption may vary, so users should consider this aspect.
  • Lighting Preferences: Users should assess their specific lighting requirements to choose the most suitable mode for their surveillance needs.
  • Responsive to Movement: The Smart Hybrid Light technology is not just on standby; it’s actively on the lookout. When a vehicle or person enters the scene, the white light is triggered automatically, offering vivid colour imaging that captures clear, detailed footage of the critical moment.

In conclusion, Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology sets a new standard in surveillance by providing versatile lighting modes that ensure optimal performance and detailed imaging in various lighting conditions. By understanding how to leverage this innovative technology effectively, users can enhance their security systems and achieve peace of mind.