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Guide to OSID Beam Detection

OSID (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection) is a type of smoke detection technology used in fire detection systems. Unlike traditional point-type smoke detectors that rely on smoke particles interrupting a light beam, OSID works by projecting both infrared and ultraviolet beams across an area.

The system includes an emitter unit that projects the beams and a receiver unit that detects any disturbances or changes in the beams caused by smoke particles. If smoke is present and interrupts the beams, the receiver unit detects this change and triggers an alarm.

OSID technology is often used in large, open spaces such as warehouses, atriums, airports, and shopping malls, where traditional smoke detection methods may be less effective due to air movement or high ceilings. It offers a wider coverage area and can be particularly useful in environments where aesthetics or architectural considerations make it challenging to install traditional smoke detectors.


Xtralis is a leading global provider of fire, smoke and gas detection. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smoke detection and has been a pioneer of early warning fire detection for over thirty years.

After dominating the market with its revolutionary very early warning smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) XTralis moved on to reinvent smoke detection for open spaces with its Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection OSID. 

Xtralis OSID

OSID by Xtralis provides reliable, cost-effective smoke detection for open spaces where more traditional types of fire detection present a number of unique challenges.  

Xtralis OSID uses advanced dual wavelength projected beams and optical imaging technology to provide early warning smoke detection. It can overcome typical beam detection issues such as false alarms and alignment challenges. 

This innovative detector measures the level of smoke that enters beams of light projected over an area of protection. One OSID imager can detect up to seven Emitters to provide a wide area of coverage. 

Dual Wavelength Particle Detection

The OSID uses both ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) pulses. This enables the system to distinguish between particle sizes and  provide repeatable smoke obscuration measurements, while rejecting the presence of transient dust particles or solid intruding objects.

Optical Imaging with a CMOS Imaging Chip 

An optical imaging array in the OSID Imager provides a wide viewing angle to locate and track multiple Emitters. This not only allows for much less precise installation, but also means the system can easily compensate for drift caused by natural building movement. 

Simple Installation and Maintenance 

Each component of the OSID system can be mounted directly to the surface secured with the supplied mounting brackets. Alignment of the Emitter is simple, a laser alignment tool is used  to rotate the optical spheres until the laser beam projected from the alignment tool is close to the Imager. The Imager is aligned in a similar way so that its Field of View (FOV) encompasses all Emitters.  Minimal maintenance is required and is mostly limited to occasionally cleaning the optical faces of the detector components.

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For more information about the Xtralis OSID beam detection system, please feel free to give us a call on 01792 983 170  or send an email to [email protected].