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Hispec Manufacturer Spotlight

Originally a supplier in generic electrical products, Hispec was founded over 20 years ago in 2002. Since then, Hispec has evolved, first finding success in their range of electromagnetic transformers before finding its place in the fire detection and safety market. Hipsec now develops a range of commercial, domestic and industrial LED lighting products and fire safety devices, serving customers all over the UK and Ireland.

Hispec USPs

Based in Chorley in the UK, Hispec prides itself on excellent customer service, and is proud that all products are designed and developed in Lancashire, UK. They are dedicated to providing fast delivery and excellent customer support.

Discount Fire Supplies and Hispec

Discount Fire Supplies has long worked with Hispec and are proud to include a variety of its detection and safety products as part of its product offering. Some key products from Hispec include:

Hispec Smart Vape Detector

As vaping continues to be a popular pass time, Hispec Smart Vape Detectors help to monitor vape-free areas by providing real-time monitoring and immediate alerts when vaping is detected. Hispec Smart Vape Detectors seamlessly adapt to a broad range of locations where vaping is forbidden or discouraged such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools and corporate offices.

Hispec Mains Smoke and Heat Detector

The Hispec Mains Smoke & Heat Detector With RF Pro Wireless Interconnect is a wireless, mains powered combined smoke and heat alarm with integrated 10-year rechargeable battery backup. Hispec Mains Smoke and Heat Detectors are tamper proof and can be wirelessly interconnected with up to 20 Hispec wireless RF Pro interconnectable alarms and has a loud, 85dB alarm to provide a reliable warning of fire.

Hispec Deaf Aid with Strobe and Vibrating Pad

The Hispec Deaf Aid with Strobe and Vibrating Pad is compatible with Hispec RF Pro smoke, heat and CO alarms and provide additional protection when sound alone may not be enough – it provides a flashing and vibrating pad to alert those with hearing impairments in the event of a fire. These devices are mains powered and rechargeable battery back-up.

Discount Fire Supplies

Discount Fire Supplies is an established online wholesaler of security alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detection and emergency lighting systems. We work with a variety of manufacturers, including Hispec, to provide an extensive product catalogue which continually expands to include the very best products on the market for fire alarm companies.

We work closely with Hispec to provide competitive pricing, excellent customer support and short lead times.