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How Does The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Affect Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge
Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge

Since 1999 the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED) has been in force to set the standard for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment in the European Union. As of 2002 the directive became mandatory legislation meaning any pressure equipment manufactured in the EU or pressure equipment that will enter into and be used in the EU must adhere to these guidelines.

The PED is primarily concerned with safety. Often volatile or temperature-sensitive fluids and gases are kept at high pressure and there are many hazards that can arise from poorly manufactured pressure housing, either through design or choice of materials, so it’s important that there’s a recognised standard for the safe fabrication of pressure equipment.

Any pressure equipment that operates at pressures exceeding 0.5 bar must observe the directive. This covers a myriad of pressure vessels and equipment including safety valves, steam boilers, piping and even something as simple as a pressure cooker.

Fire extinguishers are another such example. To discharge the extinguishing material, such as water, powder or foam, at high speed the substance in the fire extinguisher canister must be kept at a high pressure. This can be done by adding compressed nitrogen to the extinguisher or commonly a sealed tube of compressed carbon monoxide is kept inside the substance (this is pierced when the fire extinguisher is first used to release the gas).

To ensure that your fire extinguishers are reliable when you need them most you need to look for the CE mark. This mark can be found on any pressure equipment that meets the requirements of the PED and is your reassurance that you are handling and using safe equipment.

All of the fire extinguishers at Discount Fire Supplies bear the CE mark and are certified as safe under the Pressure Equipment Directive. Don’t be caught out by safety equipment that isn’t up to standard, your safety and the reliability of the safety equipment you use is paramount.

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