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Hybrid ID2 & Wi-Fyre system protect Government site in Somerset

One of our trusted installation partners SECURE IT was awarded the contract to install a fire detection system in a Government site based in Somerset.

The building comprised two floors however due to the various works being undertaken each floor needed to be protected independently. The system needed to protect the ground floor whilst works were to be completed on the second floor in a subsequent phase. The system was designed to be wired in radials and the Infinity ID2 was chosen due to the many benefits over other 2-wire systems. Primarily the addressability of devices so fire/fault events are uniquely identified rather than being limited to a zone number.

SECURE IT completed the works on the ground floor as part of the first phase and run a radial wiring leg into the 1st floor which would be installed as part of the subsequent phase.

All straight forward so far…

Upon arrival to start works on the 1st floor SECURE IT unfortunately discovered other contractors had boarded and decorated this floor. This meant either the cabling would have to be surface or a significant amount of disruptive work undertaken to flush the cables. Neither option was accepted by the client.

Fortunately the ID2 supports the Wi-Fyre range of wireless devices. These are integrated via a zone powered transponder which was fitted onto the radial wiring leg run into the 1st floor. This allowed all field devices for this floor to be wireless and installed simply by citing them onto the various positions without any disruption.

The integration between the ID2 and Wi-Fyre is seamless. All devices, whether hardwired or wireless, are individually identified by the panel meaning both types can have individual descriptions (“main office”, “reception”, etc). Aesthetically both types of devices are identical so there is continuity between the floors. The manual call points also use the same reset key avoiding any possible confusion during weekly call point tests.