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Industry interview with Ross Evans of Fike

In the third industry interview Ross Evans of Fike Safety Technology shares his thoughts about their recently launched CIE-A-200 single loop addressable panel.

Who is the CIE-A-200 aimed at?

The panel is designed for small to medium installations and for engineers who like to have an easy to use, easy to install and cost effective addressable panel. It is also ideal for anyone who has just started or who is thinking about starting fitting addressable systems.

So, this panel should be great for anyone looking for an easy life!

We understand the development process of the CIE-A-200 was meticulous, can you tell us more about this?

Before we started the development process, we asked engineers from all over the country “what would make things easier for you?” This produced some fantastic feedback and allowed us to start developing a panel engineers wanted.

The CIE-A-200 was designed, developed and is manufactured in our South Wales facility. Myself and our head of development went out and assisted in the first 10 installs of the panel, this allowed us to see the difficulties that engineers may come across and see what changes could be made to make the engineers life easier.

Are there any features of the CIE-A-200 panel which users may overlook?

Like our Twinflex and Duonet panels the CIE-A-200 has the alarm confirmation capability, this allows a device to become a stand alone device for a set time period. This dramatically reduces false alarms.

It also has a nice little feature called auto zoning that allows you to zone the panel while you are testing.

What parts of a system can be programmed from the front end and what requires software?

All the panel inputs and outputs can be programmed from the front end, you can also label the devices and change any device settings from the front end. You only really need the software for cause and effect but the software does make the job much easier and quicker as you can type the descriptions on  a laptop.

How is the CIE-A-200 software distributed?

At Fike we do our best to ensure that every person using and maintaining our equipment has the relevant knowledge and has adequate training to use the equipment to the best of its capabilities.

With this in mind, the software for our CIE-A-200 panel is licensed.

The panel can be used without software, software is only needed for cause and effect.

The software license can easily be obtained by attending our CIE-A-200 online training which is currently free of charge.

To reserve a place please contact Fike Safety Technology on:
Tel: 01633 865 558
Email: [email protected]