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Infinity ID2 vs Other 2-Wire Fire Alarm Systems

The Infinity ID2 is an addressable 2 wire fire alarm system. The panel comes in either 2, 4 or 8 zone versions and can be wired in either radials or in a single loop configuration. Each zone can have upto 15 devices.

The ID2 has seen great success since its launch, with thousands of systems installed to date. Unlike the majority of alternative 2-wire systems the ID2 distinguishes itself with many key features only available with the ID2.


Unlike other 2-wire systems and conventional systems, the ID2 is an intelligent system, where each device requires an address or ID. When the system has been configured each device can have its own 25 character reference. This means that anytime a device goes into fire or fault, the exact location will be displayed at the panel saving a huge amount of time when fault finding.

Once the devices have been addressed and configured onto the system, you have the ability to illuminate the device LED’s zone by zone, this is useful when proving all devices are on the system.

No end-of-lines & ability to spur

Due to the addressability every device is individually monitored which means installers do not have to use end-of-line devices. It also means wiring can be spurred off a radial or loop whilst remaining compliant.

Radial or loop wiring

The ID2 system can be wired as individual radials or as a 1 loop configuration. This is particularly beneficial when upgrading an old system whilst keeping the existing wiring or for new installations where a loop wiring format is preferred.

Alarm verification to reduce false alarms

Some designs may need to take into consideration the possibility of having an isolated alarm before there becomes a full alarm. The ID2 has the ability to assign a verification mode to an optical smoke detector. The verification can be set between 1 minute and 3minutes 45 seconds. This can be done per device, meaning if the device set to verification goes into alarm, only the base sounder of that device will sound, or if the verification has been set to zonal, all the sounders in the same zone as the detector which is in alarm. If there is still smoke in the chamber after the verification time has expired, the system will automatically go into full alarm but if the smoke has been cleared from the chamber in the allowed time the alarm will go back to normal operation.

Wireless devices

Where installations are preferably hard wired, there are certain installations where you may struggle to run cables, such as listed buildings, areas with asbestos or simply down to the fact the area may have been recently refurbed. Although the ID2 is a hard wired system, you do have the potential to include wireless devices onto the system. This can be done by including the Wi-Fyre range of wireless alarm.

By fitting a W-Fyre transponder onto a zone of the ID2 you will be able to fit upto 14 wireless devices which will communicate back to the transponder. Once these have been learnt onto the transponder you can configure the wireless devices onto the ID2, and like the hard wired devices, each wireless device will show its own ID and can have its own 25 character reference.

Interfaces with multiple operation modes

The ID2 has the ability to have interface units on the system. Although the units as default operate on a common alarm, you do have the ability to change the operation to suit certain applications. These operations include the facility for the relay to only trigger if a device in the same zone activates. This is particularly useful when integrating with smoke vent systems which often require windows to only open is a smoke detector in the same zone goes into alarm.

Colour codes wiring connection & an installation app

Real consideration has gone into making the installation process as simple as possible with all devices having colour coded labels corresponding to the blue & brown fire cable cores. The addressing process is assisted with the accompanying iOS or Android app.