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Introducing Our New Intrinsically Safe Fire Detectors

Orbis Intrinsically Safe Fire Detectors
Orbis Intrinsically Safe Fire Detectors

We’ve added a new range of intrinsically safe fire detectors to Discount Fire Supplies. Orbis Intrinsically Safe (IS) from Apollo is a range of fire detectors which have been developed from the standard range of Orbis smoke and heat detectors to be safe for use in volatile areas.

What Does Intrinsically Safe Mean?

There are many hazardous areas were an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapour is present continually, intermittently, or as a result of an accident. These areas are common in petroleum and chemical engineering plants as well as in factories processing and storing gases, solvents, paints and other volatile substances.

Electrical equipment for use in the hazardous areas needs to be designed so that it cannot ignite an explosive mixture, not only in normal operation, but also in fault conditions. The Orbis IS range of detectors has been designed to meet these requirements.

Orbis IS fire detectors are also approved for use in marine and offshore environments as well as in land-based systems.

Our Orbis IS Fire Detectors

We have added three detectors to our intrinsically safe detectors category:

Orbis IS Optical Smoke Detector (£69.95+VAT)

This optical smoke detector performs well in black smoke as well as it does in white smoke, and is designed to significantly reduce the risk of false alarms. The Orbis IS Optical smoke detector is recommended for use as a general purpose smoke detector for early warning of fire.

Orbis IS Heat Detector (£65.94+VAT)

The Orbis IS Heat Detector is for use in areas where smoke detectors are unsuitable. Orbis heat detectors utilise a thermistor to measure changes in air temperature and may be used in areas where there is a danger of false alarms from smoke detectors. We have a number of heat detector classes available to suit a wide variety of conditions.

Orbis IS Multisensor Detector (£77.78+VAT)

The Orbis IS Multisensor Detector combines a smoke sensor, identical to that in the Orbis IS Optical Smoke Detector, with a heat sensing element, making the detector more responsive to fast burning flames. The Orbis IS Multisensor smoke detector relies on both smoke and heat sensors to detect a fire before entering an alarm state.

Need Any Help?

For more information on any of these products or any of our other items feel free to give the Discount Fire Supplies team a call on 01792 452 700 or email us at [email protected]. Or why not make use of the live help facility located at the bottom right of your screen?

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