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Introducing Our New Marine Fire Detectors

Orbis Marine Fire Detectors
Orbis Marine Fire Detectors

We’ve added a new range of fire detectors to Discount Fire Supplies – Orbis Marine Fire Detectors. These fire detectors from Apollo are all approved for use in marine environments and offer a wealth of features.

Orbis Marine Fire Detectors

Orbis Marine fire detectors operate in the same way, and carry the same approvals as standard detectors, but are subject to additional approval tests specific to the marine environment.

Orbis Marine fire detectors offer a multitude of features to save time, enhance reliability and reduce false alarms including DirtAlert, a warning feature to alert engineers that detectors need maintenance, and FastTest, a four second procedure to test smoke detectors and confirm that they are functioning correctly.

All of the detectors are based on a modern, low-profile design. The Orbis range also makes use of the TimeSaver base designed for fast installation.

We have added four types of detector from Apollo including:

Orbis Marine Heat Detector (£12.95 +VAT)

The Orbis Marine Heat Detector uses a single thermistor to sense the temperature around the detector. We have 6 heat detectors available to cover a range of different operating conditions.

Orbis Marine Optical Smoke Detector (£19.95 +VAT)

The Orbis Marine optical smoke detector operates on the well established light scatter principle and utilises advanced sensing technology to eliminate the risk of false alarms.

Orbis Marine Multisensor Detector (£24.50 +VAT)

The Orbis Marine Multisensor Detector benefits from the same false alarm reduction technology as the optical smoke detector which is enhanced by the addition of a thermal sensing element.

Marine Series 65 Mounted UV Flame Detector (£412.80 +VAT)

The Marine Series 65 Mounted UV Flame Detector is designed to protect indoor areas where flaming fires may be expected. The UV detector even responds to flames with no flicker and is only sensitive to UV radiation emitted by flames during combustion.

Mounting Options

Orbis Marine Fire Detectors can be mounted using either the Orbis Marine TimeSaver Base, designed to allow a simple mounting procedure, or the Orbis Relay Base which incorporates a single-pole voltage-free changeover contact for switching ancillary equipment.

The Marine Series 65 Mounted UV Flame Detector can be mounted using Series 65 bases.

Need Any Help?

For more information on any of these products or any of our other items feel free to give the Discount Fire Supplies team a call on 01792 452 700 or email us at [email protected]. Or why not make use of the live help facility located at the bottom right of your screen?