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Introducing The A-Z of Fire Supplies

a to z of fire supplies
A is the first letter tackled in the new A-Z of Fire Supplies

The latest addition to the Discount Fire Supplies website marks the beginning of an informative and in-depth A to Z list of everything to do with fire supplies.

A is for Accessories, Addressable, Apollo & Aspirating is the title of the first section of The A-Z of Fire Supplies which aims to become a comprehensive resource for Discount Fire Supplies customers and visitors.

Written with all customers in mind, from fire safety newcomers to regular trade buyers, it takes care to explain fire industry terms such as ‘addressable fire alarm system’ and ‘aspirating fire detection’ in easy-to-understand chunks.

Along with technical terms, readers will also find key details about the Discount Fire Supplies organisation and website as well as information on the best known manufacturers and products stocked on

Over time, The A-Z of Fire Supplies will grow with each letter of the alphabet to become an exhaustive list of terms that customers and fire industry professionals alike can refer to.

Some of the phrases covered in the As include Addressable Fire Alarm System, AirCOn8, Apollo, Aspirating smoke Detection and Assembly Point.

Future additions are likely to include terms such as Beacon, Control Panel, Conventional Fire Alarm System, Carbon Monoxide, Door Holders, Emergency Lighting, Extinguisher and many, many more.

Once complete, with all letters and terms incorporated, the A-Z will be continually managed and updated to include new industry technologies and products as they become available.

We Want Your Suggestions

Have we missed anything in the A section of the A-Z? Are there any terms you would love to see the in the final list? Discount Fire Supplies would welcome suggestions from our customers on what we should include in The A-Z of Fire Supplies, please comment below or feel free to send us an email to [email protected].