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Introducing The HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm System

New to Discount Fire Supplies is the HyFire range of Wireless Fire Alarm System devices.

Wireless fire alarm systems are a fantastic choice if you want to expand your existing wired system with minimal disruption & cost or you require a completely wireless fire system. Each component in the new HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm System range is designed to be independent and compact making the installation of a wireless system flexible and adaptable to your needs.

A single Translator module integrated with your existing conventional or addressable fire alarm system will give you the freedom to add up to 32 wireless smoke detectors, sounders, beacons and manual call-points to your system.

Utilising the very latest technological advances in wireless communication, each device and module in the HyFire range uses sophisticated bi-directional communication to send encrypted data between locations. Every unit is capable of self-optimising its amplitude and frequency as well as hopping between 7 dedicated wireless channels. The reliability of the transmissions is very high; these features combined with multiple antennae on the modules virtually eliminates signal corruption and fade.

Particularly useful in structurally sensitive applications, where the architecture of a building or regulations prohibit wiring, wireless fire alarm components can be installed anywhere up to 150m in open air from a wireless module. Expander modules are available to boost signal strength in areas where transmissions might be blocked by structures or other obstacles.

Most devices in the range operate on freely available 3V lithium batteries; with 5 years life in the primary cell and a further 2 months on the secondary cell this makes the running costs of wireless fire alarm components very cost-effective.

Wireless fire systems are not only an economical and flexible choice, the speed of installation and ability to change the locality or position of devices is a big advantage of this kind of fire safety system.

To learn more about the products in the HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm System range or to make a purchase, visit our Wireless Fire Alarms page.

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