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Introducing The Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 5-40 Metres
Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 5-40 Metres

New to our range of Fire Alarm Detectors is the Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector (ZT-BEAM), ideal for detecting smoke over large expanses like warehouses, museums and exhibition centres.

How Does It Work?

This clever device uses reflective technology to detect smoke particles in the atmosphere and works on much the same principle as a standard optical smoke detector. Unlike standard beam detectors however, the main unit in the ZT-BEAM both transmits and receives the infra-red light beam.

When a beam of light is emitted from the main unit across the space to be protected, it is caught and reflected back by a highly reflective prism – this is then received by the main unit and analysed.

When smoke enters the atmosphere the IR beam scatters – the receiver picks up on this anomaly and triggers an alarm.

Using reflective technology saves a lot of time, effort and expense (especially on wiring) making the Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector a cost-effective choice for smoke detection over large areas.

Why Choose The ZT-BEAM?

Until recently, beam detectors were notoriously unreliable and users were frequently disturbed by false alarms and the need to re-align components (even the smallest building movement such as heat expansion can disturb the beam alignment).

The Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector is intelligently designed to compensate for these issues through it’s clever use of a motorised head unit. Using this device has greatly reduced both commission time and maintenance time as well as increasing reliability by making false alarms less likely.

On installation the motorised head unit will self-align the IR beam to the centre of the beam reflector and, throughout its use, will continually and automatically ensure alignment with the reflector stays true.

The ZT-BEAM is also economical to run, it has very low power consumption and uses 3mA only at all times.

Compatible with many major fire alarm control panels, it also has a controller that can be positioned at low level allowing you to manage all major functions from in one place.

What Range Does It Cover?

The standard Reflective Beam Smoke Detector covers a range of 5 to 40 metres. If you require a larger range of coverage we also stock two expansion kits for this product:

  • The ZT-BEAM/KIT140 increases the beam range up to 80 metres. Included in the kit is an acrylic plate with 3 extra reflectors. Simply screw the single reflector in the standard kit to the spare space in the plate to easily extend the range of your beam smoke detector.
  • The ZT-BEAM/KIT160 can be used to increase coverage up to 100 metres and is supplied with an additional 8 reflectors.

You can view these products on our website in the Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors category under Fire Alarms > Fire Alarm Detectors.

If you need any assistance choosing the right beam smoke detector kit, please feel free to get in touch.

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