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Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are used to detect a fire, and to signal a warning alarm to the appropriate source. In general, there are 3 types of system;

  • Manual Fire Alarm Systems – which relies on manual call points to signal an alarm
  • Life Protection Fire Alarm Systems – these are designed to protect the occupants of a building
  • Property Protection Fire Alarm Systems – these are designed to protect buildings

The full explanation of these systems is beyond the scope of this post, however will be covered in future. For full details, consider consulting BS 5839, which will give full details of these types of system.

The warning may be simply ringing fire alarm sirens, however if a building is likely to be unoccupied, it may be more appropriate to signal to a monitoring station, or at least send a message to the building owner via telephone.

The fire alarm control panel`s themselves fall into 2 general groups;

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fore more information about Fire Alarm Systems and to purchase one please visit the Fire Alarm Systems section of our website.

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