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Largest Wireless Fire Alarm System

What is the UK’s Largest Wireless Fire Alarm System?

Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

The HMRC tax office in Ty Glas, Cardiff has recently become the home of the UK’s largest EN54-25 compliant wireless fire alarm system. The 21 storey 1960’s tower block facility, one of the UK’s largest HMRC buildings housing over 3000 government employees, presented an array of challenges when a design brief was issued for a new fire detection and alarm system.

When the design brief was issued it didn’t take the design team long to decide that the only solution to meet the required specifications was to use a wireless fire alarm system. The HyFire Wireless Alarm System was chosen for it’s flexibility, ability and cost effectiveness but most importantly because of it compliance to the latest European and British Standards.

So What Was in the Design Brief?

The design brief was to provide a fire alarm system with particular focus on the following areas:

  • The building needed to remain open and fully functional during the work.
  • The length of time the project could take was limited.
  • The construction of the building was not to be affected to avoid disturbing materials containing asbestos.
  • Security measures of the site were to be adhered to.
  • Special measures were needed to be taken to avoid accidental and unwanted alarm activation. (Evacuating over 3000 employees is a time consuming and disruptive process)
  • Some parts of the existing wireless alarm were to be kept as they were newly installed.

Why Use a HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm System?

Well, that’s easy… it’s not surprising that the decision to make this fire alarm system a wireless one was made. A HyFire system gives the ability to create a fire alarm system comprised of over 300 field devices configured on a network of 19 control panels. Here at Discount Fire Supplies we can only assume that this decision was made due to a few key facts:

  • It is a wire-free system, minimising the disruption to the building, allowing it to stay operational during the install, and avoiding disruption of asbestos. This is also a massive time saving factor.
  • The ability to integrate wired field devices with a new wireless system.
  • Compliance with the latest European and British Standards.

Discount Fire Supplies stocks a wide range of HyFire Wireless Alarm Systems and fire alarm accessories. Please get in touch if you need any help or would like to request a product.

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