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Manufacturer Spotlight: Apollo Fire Detectors

Apollo are leading manufacturers of fire detectors

Discount Fire Supplies stock a wide range of fire detectors produced by many different manufacturers. Apollo is one such manufacturer, they supply us with XP95 fire detectors and Series 65 fire detectors.

Apollo, based in Portsmouth, are a leading manufacturer of fire detection products for commercial applications. Having manufactured fire alarms and detectors since 1980 they have built a reputation for reliability and quality, with each fire detection range being designed using the latest technologies and innovations in fire detection.

Their ranges also include ancillary products like manual call points and sounders which creates a well-rounded system of fire detection.

Apollo XP95 Fire Detectors

Apollo XP95 is a range of addressable fire detectors which includes smoke detectors, detector bases and manual call points.

This range has been designed to benefit the user and installer alike – detectors and bases are easy to install and addresses can be quickly configured using a universal address card.

XP95 fire detectors available include two types of smoke detector (optical and ionisation), a heat detector and a mulitsensor detector.

Detector bases include intelligent bases, integrated sounder bases, isolating bases and a low-power relay base.

Apollo Series 65 Fire Detectors

Apollo Series 65 is a range of conventional fire detectors. This product range has been produced using advanced materials and technologies to provide reliable, high-quality fire detection.

These detectors can also be integrated with security systems when using a relay base as they have a wide operating voltage of 9 to 33V DC.

Series 65 fire detectors include four types of heat detector and two types of smoke detector (optical and ionisation). Bases available include a standard base, a diode bases and a relay base.

Discount fire supplies sell fire alarms, fire alarm accessories and other useful products to help you keen your business safe from fire.